Error Opening Any CS Professional Suite Application - "Open file security warning, publisher could not be verified when launching"

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You may receive the warning message: "Open file security warning, publisher could not be verified when launching" when opening any application from the network on any workstation with Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher. By default, Internet Explorer security settings warn a user when an executable program is being launched from the network resource.

To prevent this warning message from appearing each time an application is launched from your network, complete the following steps:

The "Open file security warning" message is not caused by or limited to CS Professional Suite applications. If the following steps do not resolve the issue, please consult your qualified IT professional to address the permissions in your network environment.

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Choose Tools > Internet Options.

    Note: You may need to press the ALT key on your keyboard to display the Tools menu or select the Gear icon.

  3. In the Security tab, select Local Intranet and click the Sites button. Show screen.
  4. Click the Advanced button. Show screen.
  5. In the Add this website to the zone: input, enter the mapped drive (e.g. U:\) or the UNC path (e.g. \\server\) of your network location.
  6. Un-check the Require server verification (https:) box and click Add.
  7. Click Close, OK, and OK.
  8. Open the application, and you should no longer receive "Open file security warning" dialog box.

See also: Permissions Guidelines for CS Professional Suite

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