Virtual Office CS or SaaS drive mappings and default locations

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The following are the basic mapped drives and data paths in the Virtual Office CS or SaaS environment.

Local Hard Drive(s)

  • Local C appears as V:\ ($C)
  • Local D (or any other second hard drive) will appear as U:\ ($D)
  • A third local drive will appear as T:\. Virtual Office CS or SaaS will continue to map the drive letters as the next highest letter in the alphabet as it maps more local drives.
  • Locally mapped drives assigned E:\, V:\, W:\, X:\, Y:\, and Z:\ as an alias will not be recognized. The drive will need to be remapped using an alternatively available letter if access in Virtual Office CS or SaaS is desired.

Accounting CS

  • Client data: Y:\Accounting CS Data
  • ACS program: X:\Accounting CS

Fixed Assets CS

  • Client data: Y:\DeprData\
  • Fixed Assets CS program: X:\DSW\

FileCabinet CS

  • Client data: Y:\FcabData\
  • FileCabinet CS program: X:\Cabinet\

GoSystem Audit

  • Client data: Y:\AUDTdata\
  • GoSystem Audit program: Y:\AUDIT\

UltraTax CS

  • Client data: Y:\UTXXData\ (where XX represents the 2-digit year)
  • Depreciation client data: Y:\DeprData\
  • UT: X:\UTXX\ (where XX represents the 2-digit year)

Planner CS

  • Client data: Y:\UTPData\
  • UTP program: X:\UTP\

Practice CS

  • Practice CS data path: Y:\Practice CS Data\

    Note: This is the path used in the CS Professional Suite for data sharing and integration, the actual database is stored on the Virtual Office CS or SaaS SQL servers.

  • Practice CS program: X:\Practice CS\

Workpapers CS

  • Client data: Y:\Workpapers CS Data
  • Workpapers CS program: X:\Workpapers CS

Microsoft Office

You can save data from Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to either the Firm folder (or any folder within the Firm folder) or to your personal directory.

  • My Documents: Y:\OfficeDocs\(username)

    Note: This is your personal folder in the Virtual Office CS or SaaS environment, not your My Documents folder on your local computer.

  • My Firm's Documents: Y:\OfficeDocs\

    Note: You can create other folders within this folder by clicking the New Folder button.

  • My Local Drive: V:\ (your local C:\ drive)

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Internal only

UltraTax CS prior year information

  • UT program 2003 and prior: Y:\UTXX\ (where XX represents the 2-digit year)
  • UT program 2004 through current tax year: X:\UTXX\ (where XX represents the 2-digit year)