Getting started with your new CS Professional Suite application

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Whether you are getting started with your first CS Professional Suite application, or you're expanding the products you own - we're pleased you're a part of the Thomson Reuters family. It's our mission to help you every step of the way through the setup of your new application.

We know that changing the software that powers your business can be a major undertaking, so we've created a guide to make your transition as smooth as possible.

Is this your first CS Professional Suite application?

If yes, begin with the Administrative setup section. If no, skip to the Product specific setup section.

Administrative setup

Welcome! There are a few administrative steps you will need to complete that are not specific to your CS Professional Suite applications. The steps below should be completed by your firm's Licensee or Delegate.

  1. Create your Thomson Reuters ID to access the CS Professional Suite website.
  2. Update your license PIN from the default ZIP code to a more secure number.
  3. Create Thomson Reuters IDs for your staff, and assign account permissions.
  4. Learn about multi-factor authentication, an additional layer of security we recommend you set up for your login credentials.

Product-specific setup

Choose the product you purchased below to learn about the steps required to get started.


  • If you chose the Virtual Office or SaaS hosting option, start with those steps first and then complete the product specific setup.
  • If you purchased multiple products and will be hosting them in your own environment, we recommend that you begin with Practice CS.
  • If you did not purchase Practice CS, or already have it configured, you may choose whichever product you're ready to set up.

Accounting CS and Accounting CS Payroll

Planner CS

Practice CS

Toolbox CS

UltraTax CS

Virtual Office CS or Software as a Service (SaaS)

Workpapers CS