License expiration and renewal dates for your CS Professional Suite applications

Alerts and notices

Renew your CS Professional Suite applications annually to maintain access to the latest version release, updates, and/or technical support via phone, email, or chat. To avoid potential disruptions of service, we strongly encourage you to do so in advance of your license expiration date. License expiration information specific to the CS Professional Suite application(s) you own is available below.


  • Your purchase date or special financing can impact your license expiration date. To view your firm's license information, open the appropriate application and choose Help > About.
  • Most of your renewals are available on our website 90 days prior to your license's expiration date. For renewal details, see Renewing your CS Professional Applications.
  • If you own Fixed Assets CS, FileCabinet CS, Planner CS, and/or ToolBox CS and also own UltraTax CS, all products will be available to renew with your UltraTax CS renewal.
CS Professional Suite application Standard license expiration Estimated online renewal delivery Estimated product release Information about expired licenses
Accounting CS March 1st Early December Quarterly CS Connect update Information about expired licenses for Accounting CS
FileCabinet CS November 1st Mid-September Mid-December Functionality available with an expired license
Fixed Assets CS November 1st Mid-September Late November Expired Licenses
Practice CS October 1st Mid-July Early November

Information about expired Practice CS licenses (PDF)

Expired license message for Project Staff, or Client Management module

UltraTax CS N/A, see information about expired licenses. Late April Late November Up to a total of ten years of UltraTax CS (the current version year and nine years prior) are available on the Support Downloads page of our website. You will have access to download up to the most current version year you have renewed.
Workpapers CS March 1st Early December Quarterly CS Connect update Information about expired licenses for Accounting CS

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Internal notes

Support Representatives

Here's how you can use EMS to look up a product expiration date and see when the next payment is due (for firms who chose to finance their payment).

  1. Look up the firm ID in EMS.
  2. Click Firm Products on the left.
  3. Locate the line item for the application, and the date in the Software Exp. column.
  4. Below that, there is a Finance Date field that displays the due date for the next payment.
Show me.
Picture of EMS showing the Software expiration date and the Finance date fields.
  • Licenses must be renewed to receive technical support.
  • Licensing expiration may fall within a licensing grace period.
  • The UltraTax CS icon gets added to a firm's VO or SaaS account whether they have renewed the software or not. If they have not renewed, they will be prompted to download the licenses upon opening and it will continue to fail until the UltraTax CS renewal is processed.

When opening a firm with an expired license in Flash or EMS you will see a warning message that displays the name of the expired product. Show me.

Expired Message

If this message appears do the following:

Note that the "Major Account - always support" message in EMS/Flash for a firm will always take precedence over the "Support Expired" message.