Managing your UltraTax CS renewal

Alerts and notices

As your firm prepares your yearly UltraTax CS renewal, you will want to consider the following aspects to ensure the products and licenses still fit your current business needs.

Client Totals report

The Client Totals report shows how many returns you've processed so far this year. You will need these totals on hand when reviewing your renewal for the coming year. To generate your Client Totals report, open the most current year of UltraTax CS and follow these steps:

  1. In UltraTax CS, choose Utilities > Client Listing Reports.
  2. Click the Client Totals option.
  3. Click Continue.
  4. In the Select Clients for Report dialog, verify that all entity checkboxes are marked in the Focus Group section.
  5. Select All Preparers from the Preparer/reviewer/staff field.
  6. Select All Months in the Fiscal year end field.
  7. Click Select All.
  8. Click the Preview, Print or Export button at the bottom of the dialog. If you are licensed for FileCabinet CS, you can click the To Cabinet button to send the report to that application.

Breakeven point

The breakeven point is the point at which it is a better price for you to purchase an unlimited license instead of paying per electronic file transmission (PRP).

To figure the breakeven point, divide the total number of transactions against the cost of the license. You can also review the Breakeven report in the PRP/ELF reports section of My Account.

Business changes

If you anticipate upcoming changes to your business such as a merger, staff retirement, or an increase in business, be mindful of this when reviewing your renewal and potential needs.

If business changes happen after you've paid your yearly UltraTax CS renewal, rest assured you can make changes such as adding or removing licenses for that program year until November 1, 2019.


As we introduce automatic renewal processes, we want you to know you still have control over how and when you pay for your UltraTax CS renewal. If you need to pay for it over a period of time, you can now finance it through February 28, 2020.

If you need to add or remove products before the automatic renewal, simply process the renewal before the auto-renewal date and we will make sure you aren't billed twice.

If you decide to cancel the auto-renewal of your UltraTax CS family of products, please contact Customer Support at 800-968-0600, press 2, then 1, or by email at Let us know your Firm ID, Your Name, that you would like to cancel the auto-renewal and the reason you would like to decline the auto-renewal and we will be happy to update your information for you. 



Internal notes

As you receive feedback from customers on the auto-renewal process, leave feedback using this form.

To review the firm's auto-renewal status in EMS, see these steps.

  1. Open the firm in EMS
  2. Click Firm.
  3. Click Automatic Renewal at the bottom of the list.
  4. Click the product family under Renewal Campaign.
  5. The Automatic Renewal Management Detail will display who and when the automatic renewal was accepted or declined.

If the firm would like to opt out of the auto-renewal, the will need to send an email to containing the following information:

  • Declining contact's name
  • Firm ID
  • Specific product they are opting out of auto renewal for
  • Reason for opting out

This information will need to be added to the Flash notes. Instructions for updating the decline in EMS can be found here.

  1. Follow the steps for reviewing their auto renewal status above.
  2. Click the calendar icon in the Decline Date field to chose today's date.
  3. Select the declining contact in the Declining Firm Contact in the drop down menu.
  4. Enter the reason for the decline in the Notes section.
  5. Click Save to complete.
  6. Copy the written cancellation into notes.

If the firm is not renewing the product, ensure the auto-renewal is declined in addition to the product marked NLU in the renewal plans.