Setting up your auto renewal

Alerts and notices

To continue to have access to the latest version release, application updates, and uninterrupted access to technical support via phone, email, or chat for your CS Professional Suite products, we will automatically renew your licenses annually once you enroll in the auto-renewal. As an administrator for your firm, complete the following steps to set your licenses up for automatic renewal.

Note: The administrator role is assigned on the My Account > Manage Accounts page. A Thomson Reuters ID with administrative permissions is required to view this information.

  1. Visit and click Log in on the top right corner. In the Access your web accounts section, click Sign in under "CS Professional Suite, Onvio" and then log in using your Thomson Reuters ID.
  2. Click the Automatic Renewals link in the My Products section to open the Automatic Renewals page. Show me.
  3. On the Automatic Renewals page, click Setup Automatic Renewal to open the Automatic Renewal Setup: Terms of Service page and review the Terms of Service. Show me.
    Automatic Renewal button
  4. To accept the Terms of Service mark the I Agree checkbox, either Accept or Decline the automatic renewal, and click Continue to open the renewal page for the product you're enrolling in auto renewal.
  5. Once you've processed your renewal and before you receive the order confirmation page, you will then be prompted to setup your preferred payment method and add the purpose as Renewals and click Accept & Continue. You will then be shown the order confirmation for the renewal just completed. Show me.
    Method of payment


    To use a new account, or if no accounts are listed in the Your Credit Cards and Your Direct Debits section, click Add in the appropriate section. Enter your account information, mark the Renewals checkbox, and click save to complete your changes. Show me.

    Add method of payment

    To use an existing account, click Edit next to the appropriate method of payment, mark the Renewals checkbox, and click save to complete your changes. Show me.

    Edit method of payment

Once the automatic renewal setup is complete your renewal fees are billed to method of payment designated for Renewals automatically.

Need to make changes to your renewal?

Your CS Professional Suite product licenses that will renew automatically are listed on the My Account > Manage my Products page.

To make changes to the licenses you wish to renew, complete the online renewal process prior to the auto renewal process beginning.

Internal notes

If the firm does not want to renew a product they have accepted auto renewal for, the Services Cancellation Request needs to be completed to decline the auto renewal and the renewal plans need to be updated, see Updating renewal plans in EMS. See below for instructions to decline the autorenewal.

Accessing MSA records in EMS

  1. Open the firm in EMS
  2. Click Firm.
  3. Click Automatic Renewal at the bottom of the list.
  4. Click the product family under Renewal Campaign.
  5. The Automatic Renewal Management Detail will display who and when the automatic renewal was accepted or declined.

The auto renewal billing is processed based on the auto renewal acceptance status. To avoid a future auto renewal, the product must be marked as declined for auto renewal.

  1. Follow steps 1-4 above for how to verify the auto-renewal.
  2. Click the calendar icon in the Decline Date field to chose today's date.
  3. Select the declining contact in the Declining Firm Contact in the drop down menu.
  4. Enter the reason for the decline in the Notes section.
  5. Click Save to complete.
  6. Copy the written cancellation into notes.

Positioning tips for the MSA

While we acknowledge the MSA is a change, it's also a standard business practice for a company to periodically review and update their agreements. See the tips below for positioning the MSA.

  • The MSA provides a stronger framework for the amount of time we give for a renewal notice, and requests the client give us more time when they request to cancel a service.
    • The firm still has control over their renewal; they can renew before the expiration date, let the renewal happen automatically, or they can cancel the service before the expiration date.
    • If they'd like to change anything with the renewal (such as adding or removing products), they must manually renew online.
  • Further clarifies the amount of time available for billing disputes.
  • Provides the same agreement between all Thomson Reuters business units and all customers have consistency in how these terms operate.