Adding a Beginning Balance column to a trial balance view

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  1. Choose Actions > Enter Trial Balance and select the client from the client selection field.
  2. Click the View Maintenance link (in the upper-right corner of the screen).
  3. In the View Maintenance dialog, select the view and then click the Edit button.
  4. Click the first blank row (marked by an asterisk) in the Column Order grid and verify that Amount is selected in the Column Type field.
  5. Select Beginning Balance from the drop-down list in the Amount type field, and then select the applicable year.
  6. Click Enter to save the change and then click Done to return to the Enter Trial Balance screen, where the client's beginning balance amounts from the Setup > Chart of Accounts screen are now displayed.


  • For a new client, you can use the spreadsheet import feature to import Chart of Accounts data (including beginning balance amounts). For details, see Spreadsheet import - Chart of Accounts.
  • If you have added a Beginning Balance column to a Trial Balance View, the application updates that column during the year-end close. The beginning balance amounts are supported by a transaction that is automatically generated by the application. These events can be out of balance, but critical checkpoints require the balances to be resolved prior to closing the year.

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