Setting up a view in the Trial Balance grid

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Follow these steps to add a new trial balance view.

  1. Choose Actions > Enter Trial Balance, and click the View Maintenance link at the top of the screen to open the View Maintenance dialog.
  2. Click the Add button to enable fields in the dialog to create a new trial balance view from scratch.
  3. By default, columns A through H have been defined. Click the row for Columns B through H to modify, as necessary.

    Note: Column A (Account Number) cannot be modified.

  4. In the Column Type section, select one of the following types.
    • Account Groupings
    • Amount
    • M-3 Tax Code
    • Tax Code
    • Tickmark
  5. The fields in the Column Definition section vary based on the Column Type that is selected. Choose the appropriate definition settings for the Column Type. For example, when you choose Amount as the column type, you must select an Amount type, Period, Year, and optionally choose to display debit/credit columns.
  6. When you have completed assigning and modifying the columns that you want to appear in the trial balance view, click Enter and then Done to return to the Enter Trial Balance screen.


  • You can select an existing view from the available list and click the Edit button to modify it.
  • You can transfer trial balance views between Accounting CS clients.
  • The Enter Trial Balance screen displays the columns in the order listed in the grid in the Column Order section. Use these buttons to add, delete, and change the order of the columns.
    • Up arrow button moves the currently selected column to the row above it.
    • Down arrow button moves the currently selected column to the row below it.
    • Copy button creates a new column using the settings from the highlighted column.
    • Delete button removes the currently selected column from the list.
    • Click the last blank row in the grid to add a column to the column grid.
    • Click the Reset button to reset the view to the original default settings.
  • The Actions > Enter Trial Balance screen opens with a tabbed view of all customized layouts for the client including the application's default layout. Click the tab of the trial balance that you want to display in the Enter Trial Balance screen.

Tax view example

The following example is a popular tax view that you can set up in the Enter Trial Balance screen.

Column Column Type / Definition Amount Type Period Year Mark the Display separate debit/credit
columns checkbox?
A: Account Number n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
B: Description n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
C: Tax Code Mark the Include Unit Column checkbox n/a n/a n/a n/a
D: Amount(CY,Adjusted, C) Amount Adjusted CY C cleared
E: Amount(CY,AdjustingJE, C) Amount Adjusted JE CY C marked
F: Amount(CY,Tax, C) Amount Tax CY C cleared

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