Setting up budgets

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You can enter budget amounts in the Actions > Enter Trial Balance screen for a trial balance in which budget columns have been created. The Trial Balance grid enables you to add columns for each budget type and can be customized to display a selected period or the total year budget.

Adding budget columns in the trial balance

  1. Choose Actions > Enter Trial Balance and click the View Maintenance link at the top of the screen.
  2. Click the Add button to customize the settings for the selected Trial Balance view.
  3. Click the last blank row in the Column Order grid to add a new row, and then select Amount from the field in the Column Type section.
  4. Select the appropriate budget (Budget, Adjusted Budget, Budget 3, Budget 4, Budget 5) from the drop-down list in the Amount type field.
  5. Select an appropriate period and year from the available fields and click Enter and then Done to create the column in the selected trial balance.


  • The default descriptions for the five budget types are as follows. However, if you change the budget names in the Budgets dialog, those names will appear instead:
    • Budget 1 (defaults to Budget)
    • Budget 2 (defaults to Adjusted Budget)
    • Budget 3
    • Budget 4
    • Budget 5
  • You cannot add additional budgets.
  • If you enter an amount in the current period budget column, the application updates the budget amount for that period.
  • If you enter an amount in the [CY] Current YTD column, the application spreads the amount equally among all periods and creates a budget amount in each period. If the amount cannot be divided evenly between all periods, the application adds the remaining amount to the first period's budget amount. See example


    If the budget amount is $50 and is to be divided over 12 months, the application calculates the monthly amount as 4.166666. However, if you enter $4.16 for each month, the total amount is short by 8 cents. To correct this, Accounting CS adds the 8 cents to the first-month amount, resulting in $4.24 in the C1 column and $4.16 in the remaining columns.

    If you want the extra amount to be included in a different month (for example, in the 7th month), set up the Enter Trial Balance screen to display the C1 and C7 columns, and then manually override the amounts in those columns. (Enter $4.16 in column C1 and $4.24 in column C7.)

  • If budget amounts already exist, the application will prompt you with the option to overwrite the spread amount with the new amount or to add the new spread amount to the existing budget amounts.

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