Enabling firm security and removing the Workpapers CS trial license in Accounting CS

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When launching Accounting CS, you may be prompted with a Security must be enabled to use Workpapers warning if you do not have security enabled and you have an active Workpapers CS (full or trial) license in Accounting CS. 

Security must be enabled to use Workpapers. You can enable security in the Preferences tab of the Setup > Firm Information > Firm screen. Workpapers will not be available until you enable security and restart the program.

You can remove this warning by enabling firm security or (if you are using a trial license for Workpapers) disabling the Workpapers trial license.

To enable firm security in Accounting CS

  1. Mark the Enable firm security checkbox in the Preferences tab of the Setup > Firm Information > Firm screen.
  2. Close and reopen the application.
  3. In the Staff ID field, enter your staff ID, leave the Password field blank, and click OK. You will then be prompted to create a new password.

    Note: All staff are automatically assigned to the Administrators group when firm security is turned on and is enabled for the Workpapers service. After logging into the application, you may want to set up a Workpapers-related security group that consists of staff who will be assigned to work in specific engagement binders. For details about setting up security groups, see Assigning staff to security groups.

To remove the Workpapers CS trial license in Accounting CS

Note: If you are using Virtual Office CS (VO) or Software as a Service (SaaS), contact our Support team to remove your Workpapers CS Trial License.

  1. Choose Help > About to verify if Workpaper CS is listed as Trial in the Type column.

    WPCS trial license

  2. To remove the Workpapers CS trial license click the Trial Licenses button, clear the Workpapers CS checkbox, and click OK.

    WPCS trial license 2

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Internal notes

Note: VO and SaaS users automatically have a Workpapers CS Trial license added. If they do not wish to use Workpapers CS, they cannot deselect it. Instead, you can rename the license file name AWPNAME.DAT via the VO MiniBar. The license folder location is on the Y drive. This should not be transferred to Web Services.

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