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Use the Detail tab of the Manage Payments screen to modify payment information and to apply payments to payables. For payments that have been selected to apply, most of the fields in this tab are read-only.

Choose Actions > Manage Payments and then click the Detail tab.

Special information

  • You cannot apply payables to payables, payments to payments, credit memos to credits memos, or payments to credit memos. You can select multiple payables to apply to a single payment, multiple payments to apply to a single payable, or multiple credit memos to apply to a single payable.
  • You can select a group in the Apply field or the Pay field but not both. For example, if you select a group in the Apply field for a payable, you cannot select a group in the Pay field for the same payable.
  • The Apply Payments button is enabled only when at least one payment and one payable with the same Apply Group number are selected for the same vendor. For example, if you select Apply Group 1 for two payables for the same vendor, the Apply Payments button is not available until you select Apply Group 1 for a payment for this same vendor.

Fields & buttons

Use the Navigation Navigation buttons buttons to scroll through the AP check and AP payment transactions that are available to be applied to payables.

  • Vendor. To find payments for a particular vendor, select that vendor from the drop-down list. (The drop-down list includes all vendors who have at least one open payment or open payable.) Then use the Navigation buttons to scroll to a specific payment record.
  • Pay. Select the payment group for this payable. To group individual payables into a single payment, select the same payment group number for each of those payables. The application consolidates all payables with the same payment number into one check.
  • Apply. Select the application group number for this payable or unapplied payment. When you click the Apply Payments button or the Pay/Print button, the application groups all items with the same group number together and applies them appropriately.
  • Payment type. For prepayments, the application displays the payment type - AP Check, AP Payment, Direct Deposit, or Credit Memo - and you cannot change the selection. If you are creating a new payment, you can select the applicable payment type. Note that you cannot select Credit Memo for new payments.
  • Bank account. Select the applicable bank account. The drop-down list includes all active bank accounts for the client. By default, the application enters the bank account selected in the Payment Preferences section in the Main tab of the vendor record, but you can select a different bank account if necessary.
  • Payment date. By default, the application uses the current date unless the Use due date as payment date checkbox is marked or unless you manually overwrite the date.
  • Journal. By default, the application uses the journal selected in the Preferences tab of the Manage Payment Options dialog.
  • Posting period. Select the posting period for the payment transaction. By default, the application uses the posting period in which the payment date falls.
  • Handwritten checkbox. For AP checks, mark this checkbox if the check is a handwritten check.

    Handwritten check transactions represent physical checks that were written from the selected bank account and that need to be recorded in Accounting CS to ensure that the balance in Accounting CS matches the actual bank balance.

  • Reference. If the Handwritten checkbox is marked, you must enter a reference in this field. The reference is not required for AP payments.
  • Payment amount. Displays the total of the payable amounts selected to pay for the group. For prepayments, the application displays the gross open balance.
  • Remaining to apply. Displays the payment amount minus the total of the current payment column amounts selected in the Payment Application Distributions section. For new payments (payables selected in the Pay column), this amount is zero.
  • Payables available for application. Mark the checkbox for each payable to include in the current payment application.
  • Payable distributions. Click the Plus (+) sign next to any available payable to display the distributions for that payable.

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