Setting up vendors for accounts payable processing

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When the Accounts Payable service is enabled for a client, you can specify default information in the vendor record. When you select the vendor for new payable transactions, the application automatically enters that information in the transaction record, but you can override that information in the transaction record, if necessary.

  1. Choose Setup > Vendors and click the Accounts Payable tab.
  2. Verify that the correct client is selected in the client selection field.
  3. Select a vendor in the Vendors list and click the Edit button.

    Note: Only vendors with a vendor type of 1099 Recipient or Trade are available for AP transactions.

  4. Select the default AP general ledger account. The application will use this account for the credit of new payable transactions created for this vendor. (You can select the default GL accounts for debits in the Distributions tab.)
  5. Select the applicable payment term to use for this vendor. The application uses the payment term to determine due dates.
  6. Enter the default purchase order number (up to 16 characters) in the PO # field.
  7. Enter the default memo text to use (up to 240 characters) in the Memo field.
  8. Click Enter to save the vendor record.

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