Recording a customer's beginning balance

If you are setting up a new record for a customer who has an established balance with the client, you can record the historical amounts that comprise customer's balance as the beginning balance amount.

  1. Choose Setup > Customers and click the Accounts Receivable tab.
  2. In the Beginning Balance section, click the Ellipsis button button next to the Amount field.
  3. In the grid in the Beginning Balance dialog, enter the reference number, date, PO number, AR account, and amount for each of the customer's receivables. As you enter the amount, Accounting CS sums the amounts and displays the total amount as the Customer balance below the grid.

    If you enter a positive amount, the application creates an invoice; if you enter a negative amount, it creates a credit memo.

  4. Click OK to close the Beginning Balance dialog.
  5. Accounting CS displays the customer balance amount in the Amount field in the Beginning Balance section.

Note: The application does not post historical (beginning balance) items to the general ledger. However, these items are available for AR reports.

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