Writing off a customer invoice or finance charge

Alerts and notices

There may be situations in which you want to write off a customer's debt as a loss. You can create a write-off transaction for those debts in the Manage Customer Payments screen.

  1. Choose Actions > Manage Customer Payments.
  2. To create a write-off transaction in the Rapid tab, select Write-off from the Type column in the grid. To create on in the Detail tab, click the Add button and then select Write-off from the Type field in the Transaction Detail section.
  3. Select the applicable customer ID, journal, posting period, and GL account. If you selected a GL account for the Bad debt expense field in the Setup > Clients > Accounts Receivable tab for this client, the application automatically selects that account in the GL Account field for you.
  4. Enter a payment date or use one of the date entry shortcuts.
  5. Enter a reference for the payment transaction, if applicable.
  6. Enter the amount to write off.
  7. To write off this amount from one or more specific invoices or finance charges, click the Detail tab and then mark the checkbox for those transactions in the Apply Transactions tab in the Transaction Detail section.
  8. Click Enter to save the write-off transaction.

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