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Use the Client Adjustment Transmittal tab of the Reconcile Bank Accounts screen to manually enter adjustments that the client needs to make in their bank account records. The application uses this information in the Bank Account Reconciliation Transmittal report.

Choose Actions > Reconcile Bank Accounts and then click the Client Adjustment Transmittal tab.

Special information

  • The application does not post adjustments that are made on this tab to the general ledger.
  • To display these adjustments on the Bank Account Reconciliation Transmittal report, you must mark the Client Adjustment Transmittal checkbox in the Sections to Include section of the Print Reports screen.

Fields & buttons

Enter the information to include in the Bank Account Reconciliation Transmittal report. The application will print each row in the grid as a separate line in the report. By default, the description in first row in the grid will be "As of <current statement ending date>, your ending balance was" and the Amount column will be blank. You can modify the text and amount as needed.

For each subsequent row in the grid, enter a description (up to 255 alphanumeric characters) of the adjustment for the client to make and the amount of the adjustment.

To revert the information in the Transmittal grid to the default settings, click the Reset button.

The application automatically calculates the amounts in these fields.

  • The corrected ending balance is. The application displays the Adjusted period balance amount from the Balance per Bank Account section of the Account Summary tab.
  • Adjust your bank account balance by. The application displays the sum of the amounts for all rows in the Transmittal grid except the first row. This is the amount for which the client must make the adjustment.
  • Difference. The application displays the balance difference. The application calculates the amount by subtracting the amount in the first row of the Transmittal grid and the amount in the Adjust your bank account balance by field from the amount in the The corrected ending balance is field.

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