Payroll Compliance: Application changes and updates for payroll tax forms, tax agents, and new hire files (v.2017.3.2)

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Application changes
Payroll form and filing information
Payroll tax forms updated
- State
Tax agents updated
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Application changes

We have addressed the following issues.

Payroll form and filing information

The Payroll Form and Filing Information portlet on the Home or Firm dashboard provides valuable information for federal, state, and certain local tax agents. Click the U.S. flag (for federal information) and the map (for state and local information) to view detailed information in the tabbed pages in the lower section of the portlet. For information on working with portlets, see Dashboard portlet: Payroll Form and Filing Information.

Payroll tax forms updated

We have updated the following forms, internet files, and electronic files to the latest versions available from the agencies. Those forms marked with an asterisk (*) were released via an alert between application updates, not as part of the current release.


Tax agents updated


Payroll tax rates, limits, and minimum wage updates

Accounting CS user bulletins

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