Setting up client payroll information

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In the Payroll Information tab of the Clients screen, you can select one or more payroll schedules for your clients, select the default method of time entry (for live payroll processing only), and specify how checks are to be handled at print time.

  1. Enable the appropriate payroll services from the Add/Remove Services dialog.
  2. Choose Setup > Clients and click the Payroll Information tab.
  3. Select the client in the Clients list and click the Edit button.
  4. For live payroll processing only. In the Employee Data Integration section, enable client service options for your client, if appropriate.
  5. For live payroll processing only. In the Default Time Entry Method section, select the default method that the client uses for entering time into the application. Manual: Email in time, Fax in time, Phone in time, Other. Import: Excel Time Entry, Remote Payroll Entry, Time Clock, or Time Rack. For more information about remote payroll entry, see the Remote payroll setup and overview.

    Note: This default time entry method is used for all of the client's payroll schedules unless you specify that different time entry methods should be used for specific payroll schedules, as explained in the following step.

  6. In the Payroll schedules section, click the Ellipsis button button to open the Payroll Schedules dialog, where you can add or modify the payroll schedules to use for this client and you can specify the time entry method to use for a specific payroll schedule.


    • You can enter an unlimited number of payroll schedules for a client, but for live payroll processing at least one payroll schedule must be set up for each client.
    • The Payroll schedules field includes all payroll schedules that the client uses, separated by commas.
  7. For live payroll processing only. In the Default Check Output section, choose either Paper checks/stubs or Remote check printing as appropriate for this client. If you are using remote check printing, you can also choose to send payroll or vendor checks to FileCabinet CS after printing by marking the appropriate checkboxes. For vendor checks, you can also choose to exclude funded checks from being sent to the client portal for remote printing.
  8. In the Miscellaneous Information section, enter the appropriate information regarding the filing of payroll tax forms.
  9. For live payroll processing only. In the Negative Check Treatment section, specify how you want the application to handle the treatment of negative net pay checks, if applicable.
  10. Click Enter to save the client payroll information.

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