Adding a vendor to the Kotapay vendor list

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Before you can transmit vendor payments to Kotapay, you must associate the selected vendor with a vendor listed in Kotapay Vendor List dialog. Therefore, if your vendor is not listed in the Kotapay Vendor List dialog, you can submit that vendor's information to Kotapay for approval. After the vendor is approved by Kotapay, it will be listed in the Kotapay Vendor List dialog.

  1. Choose Setup > Vendors, select the vendor to associate with an Kotapay vendor, and click the Edit button.
  2. Click the Online Bill Pay tab.
  3. Click the Ellipsis button button next to the Vendor field.
  4. In the Kotapay Vendor List dialog, click the Kotapay Vendor Transmission link above the grid.
  5. In the Kotapay Vendor Transmission dialog, choose the applicable vendor type. Global vendors are available to all Accounting CS users in any firm. Local vendors are available to only Accounting CS users in your firm.
  6. Enter the vendor's name in the Vendor name field.
  7. Enter the applicable addresses for the vendor.
  8. Enter the vendor's phone numbers and email address.
  9. Click the Transmit button. Accounting CS sends the vendor information to Kotapay for processing. After the information has been validated and processed successfully, the vendor will be added to the Kotapay Vendor List dialog.

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