Entering payment transactions for online bill payment

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Use the Enter Transactions screen to enter vendor payment transactions that are to be transmitted electronically to Kotapay. All online bill payment transactions entered in this screen will be available for processing in the Actions > Process Online Bill Payments screen.

  1. Choose Actions > Enter Transactions.
  2. In the Enter Transactions screen, select Payment or AP Payment from the Type field.
  3. In the Bank account field, select the appropriate bank account. Note that the Payments processed by Kotapay checkbox must be marked for that bank account in the Main tab of the Setup > Bank Accounts screen.
  4. Select the applicable journal and posting period for the transaction.
  5. Enter the applicable reference and date.
  6. In the ID field, select the appropriate 1099 or Trade vendor. Note that Online Bill Pay must be selected in the Method field for that vendor in the Main tab of the Setup > Vendors screen.
  7. Enter the payment amount, and then distribute the amount to the appropriate accounts in the Distributions tab.
  8. If applicable, enter information in the Notes tab.
  9. Click Enter to save the payment transaction.
  10. You can click the Online Bill Pay tab at any time to view the transmission status of the payment allocations.
  • Not transmitted. The transaction has not yet been transmitted to Kotapay.
  • In transmission. The transaction has been transmitted to Kotapay, but Accounting CS has not yet received a response.

    Note: If the status does not change, it may have encountered an issue during transmission. You can click the Request Status button to see if the transaction was processed successfully or if it failed.

  • Pending. The transaction has been successfully transmitted to Kotapay, but the payment has not yet been processed.
  • Successful. The transaction has been successfully processed, and Kotapay has printed a check or transmitted an ACH file for the payment.
  • Failed. Kotapay was not able to process this transaction. Kotapay will provide an error code that explains the issue.

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