Processing online vendor payments

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Use the Process Online Bill Payments screen to select the vendor payments to transmit to Kotapay for processing.

Kotapay is discontinuing their online bill pay service on January 1, 2021. Therefore, we will remove the online bill pay feature in Accounting CS with the v.2020.4.0 update in December.

  1. Choose Actions > Process Online Bill Payments.
  2. Mark the checkbox for each transaction that you want to transmit to Kotapay for processing and payment.
    • To select all transactions for a client, mark the checkbox next to the client ID.
    • To select specific transactions for a client, click the plus sign (+) next to the client ID to display a list of individual transactions for the client, and then mark the checkbox next to each transaction to transmit.
  3. Click the Transmit Selected button. Accounting CS transmits the selected transactions to Kotapay for processing. Kotapay prints and then mails a paper check to the vendor. The printed check stub includes the following information from Accounting CS.
    • Account Number - corresponds to the Account field in the Setup > Vendors > Main tab.
    • Reference # - corresponds to the Reference field in the Actions > Enter Transactions screen for the AP Payment or Payment type transaction.
    • PO # - corresponds to the PO # field in the Actions > Enter Payables screen for the payable transaction to which the payment is applied.
    • Memo - corresponds to the Memo field in the Actions > Enter Payables screen for the payable transaction to which the payment is applied.


    • The application prints this information on the check stub only if the corresponding fields in Accounting CS contain data.
    • The application will not print data from the PO # and Memo fields if the payment is applied to more than one payable.
    • The first time Kotapay sends a paper check to a particular vendor, it includes information about the option to receive payments electronically. If the vendor chooses the electronic payment option, it does not affect the processing procedures in Accounting CS.

You can click any of the following buttons to view transmission information about the transactions.

  • View Transmitted Payments - displays information (client ID and name, bank account, payee name, transaction date and amount, transmission status and date) about each of the transactions that were transmitted to Kotapay.
  • Request Status Update - retrieves the transmission status of transactions in this screen that have a status of Pending or In Transmission.
  • Transmission Information - displays your account information (Kotapay login, password, card serial number, and multifactor authorization) required by Kotapay for transmitting data.

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