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For live payroll processing only

Use the Direct Deposit tab of the Employees screen to specify how the employee's pay amount is to be distributed via direct deposit and how it is to be allocated across multiple bank accounts. You can also specify an alternate allocation setup.

Choose Setup > Employees and then click the Direct Deposit tab.

See also: Adding direct deposit information to an employee record

Fields & buttons

  • Deposit. In the Deposit field, specify how much of the employee's pay amount should be deposited via direct deposit. You can choose to deposit all of their pay, a fixed amount, all except a fixed amount, a percentage of total pay, or none.
  • Amount/Percent. In the Amount/Percent field, enter the appropriate amount or percent based on your choice in the Deposit field.

The employee's paychecks can be deposited directly to one or more accounts.

  • Base allocation percentage calculations on. Choose whether to base the allocation percentage calculation on the Total distribution amount or the Remainder of distribution. See the Setup Examples section of the Adding direct deposit information to an employee bank account article, to see examples of the differences between the two options. 
  • Direct deposit allocation grid. In the grid, select the bank from the drop-down list and then enter the account number, account type, the amount or percent of the deposit amount to go into this account, and the status of the employee's direct deposit information. The application calculates the deposit(s) in the order in which they appear in the grid. To change the order of the rows, highlight the row you want to move and then use the up and down Up arrow down arrow arrows to change the position. To delete a row, highlight the row and click the Delete Delete button button.

If this employee will use International ACH Transactions (IAT), click the Ellipsis Ellipsis button button in the IAT column to open the IAT Details dialog, where you can specify that this direct deposit allocation uses international format and set up the US gateway operator and destination country information.

Mark this checkbox to display the Alternate direct deposit allocation section, which contains a secondary grid used in the same way as the direct deposit allocation grid. If you want to set up an alternative allocation for direct deposit amounts, mark this checkbox and enter the appropriate information in the alternate direct deposit allocation grid. To use the alternate direct deposit allocation, you must use the Actions > Enter Batch Payroll Checks screen and mark the Use alternate direct deposit allocation checkbox on the Edit > Options dialog for the selected payroll schedule.

If the current employee is a paycard recipient, mark this checkbox. This information is used to calculate check fees that have the Per paycard calculation method selected in the Billing screen and can also be used for reporting purposes.

This section displays only when the Enable alternate direct deposit allocation checkbox is marked. This section enables you to use an alternative direct deposit configuration setup for the employee.

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