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When an employee leaves or is terminated by a client, the status of the employee record needs to be changed to Inactive once the final payroll check for that employee has been issued. This article explains how to change the status to Inactive and how to work with inactive employee records.

Changing an employee's status to Inactive

  1. In the Setup > Employees screen, with the appropriate client selected, highlight the employee and then click the Edit button.
  2. Click the Personal tab and, in the Inactive Date field, enter the date of the employee's last day of employment.
  3. Click Enter. The application removes the employee's name from the list.

Displaying inactive employees in the Employees screen

To make changes to inactive employee records, you must first display them in the Employees screen.

In the Setup > Employees screen, mark the Include inactive checkbox in the top right-hand corner of the screen. The IDs and names of inactive employees display in italics in the employee list.

Displaying inactive employees in the Actions > Enter Transactions screen

  • Choose Actions > Enter Transactions.
  • Choose Edit > Options and click the Payroll tab of the Options dialog.
  • Mark the Include inactive employees checkbox, and click OK.

Excluding inactive employees from reports

By default, inactive employees are included on reports. Use the following steps to filter out any inactive employees and display information only for employees with an Active status.

  1. Choose File > Print Reports and select the report you want to print.
  2. In the Filtering and Sorting section, click the Employee tab (if present).
  3. In the Filter by field, choose Status.
  4. In the Method field, choose is.
  5. In the Selected drop-down menu, choose Active.

Making inactive employees active

  1. To designate an inactive employee as active again (if you rehire an employee, for example), follow these steps.
  2. Choose Setup > Employees, click the Personal tab, and then click Edit.
  3. Mark the Include inactive checkbox, if it's not already marked, to display the employee record in the list.
  4. Remove the date in the Inactive date field in the Personal tab of the Setup > Employees screen, or enter a date in the Hire date field that is later than the inactive date in that tab. 

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