940 Final: Business closed or stopped paying wages

Alerts and notices

When you are preparing a final 940 return for your client, there are some additional steps to take. This topic describes the additional fields that you will need to complete prior to filing the return.

Enter additional information about the final return

  1. Choose Setup > Clients and click the Payroll Taxes tab.
  2. In the Forms section, click the Additional Information button for the Federal 94X form.
  3. Click the Final Statement button.
  4. Complete the fields in the Final Statement dialog.
  5. Click Enter to save your changes.
  6. Mark the Include inactive checkbox (in the upper-right hand corner of the screen) to display the inactive client.

The information you enter in this dialog will not display on the form, but is required for electronic filing.

Mark the Final Return checkbox on Form 940

To mark the Final Return checkbox on form 940, your client must have an inactive date in the same period as the form being processed.

  1. Choose Setup > Clients and click the Main tab.
  2. In the Client Information section, enter an Inactive date and choose the Inactive reason: Business closed to populate the 940 form.
  3. Click Enter to save your changes. 

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