Adjusting taxable SUTA wages

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Use the following steps to adjust the taxable SUTA wages for an employee without needing to delete and re-enter a series of payroll checks.

  1. Choose Actions > Enter Transactions.
  2. Enter a payroll check with everything zeroed out for the employee.
  3. Print the payroll check or mark the Handwritten checkbox.
  4. If you mark the Handwritten checkbox: click the Generate Liabilities for Handwritten Payroll Checks link, and then generate liabilities as Handwritten.
  5. Select the check you entered in step 2, choose Edit > Adjust Taxable Wages, and make the adjustment to SUTA wages.
  6. Review the payroll liabilities on the Print Checks screen, and if necessary, manually add or delete liabilities on the Manage Payroll Liabilities screen.

Note: Following these steps will result in an extra transaction appearing on reports (such as the General Ledger).

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