Converting CSA clients with employees in multiple work locations

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Complete these steps within Creative Solutions Accounting.

Special consideration is needed to convert CSA multi-locational clients to Accounting CS Payroll. Employees who work in an office/location other than the client’s main office need to be associated with the proper office for appropriate taxing. Be sure that, within Payroll CS, each employee has been set up for a payroll department that can be linked specifically to their work location(s).

This is especially important when the employee works in different local taxing locations.

To create additional work locations and match a payroll department to that work location, you will need to create the departments for each working location.

In this example, the employee lives in Youngstown, Ohio, where they are subject to New Knoxville School District Tax. Their work locations are in Warren and New Philadelphia, Ohio, where they are subject to Warren and New Philadelphia local taxes.

Backup the client data

It is recommended to make a backup of the client data before you begin making any changes to the client's file.

Create new employee templates

  1. Go to Setup > Employee Templates.
  2. Setup new employee templates for each department. The templates should include the associated pay item(s), tax withholdings, or deduction(s) for each work location. In this example pay items, local withholdings, and school district were added for New Philadelphia and Warren. Show me.

Create new payroll departments

  1. Go to Setup > Payroll Department.
  2. Click Add to enter the New Philadelphia department, click enter to save. 
    • If the existing department is Default and you would like it to be the actual work location, highlight the Default department and choose Rename Department from the F3 or right-click context menu.
    • Enter the new name or description for the selected department, using up to 30 alphanumeric characters. Show me.

Add new payroll departments to employee setup

  1. Go to Main tab of Setup > Employees.
  2. Click on Edit depts.
  3. Make the new department, New Philadelphia, active. Show me.

Verify employee setup

Review each new department within the employee setup, ensuring all applicable payroll departments have been included for each employee. 

Convert your client

Begin conversion process following the Conversion walkthrough: Payroll CS to Accounting CS Payroll. The conversion walkthrough covers every screen that is available during the conversion.  

Below are the specific screens within the conversion that require extra attention for a multiple-work locational client.

Client Setup - Payroll

In Additional Locations, click the Add Location button to add the work location(s) that were not in File > Client properties screen of Creative Solutions Accounting.

Payroll - Departments

In the Payroll Department Concept, choose Locations and map the CSA departments to the ACS locations. Show me.


After converting you can rename the Business location to New Philadelphia at the Main Tab of Setup > Clients, within the Locations button.

Payroll - Payroll Items screen

In the Mapping Client section, select a client in ACS that contains payroll items that are general and do not have the locations as part of the description. Map the locational Pay items to a generic payroll item. In this example, Client template ACSPAY01 was used. Each locational Pay item will be converted into the same Accounting CS Pay Item. Show me.


Mapping the CSA pay items to Accounting CS payroll items that are more general will make data entry less confusing. In Accounting CS, the locations are linked to the payroll item. When entering the payroll check, all the locations are displayed within the ellipsis button regardless of the payroll item. Show me.


Payroll - Local Withholdings

Map CSA local tax items to corresponding Accounting CS items, or choose not to convert one or more local tax items. Enter the locality's Street Address and Tab across to the next field, working your way through the mapping. Show me.


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