Entering overtime and double time hours during payroll check entry

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Accounting CS does not require that a separate pay item be set up for overtime hours and double time hours. You can use your regular pay items to record and calculate overtime and double time pay. The following procedure shows how to enter in overtime or double time hours worked during payroll check entry in Enter Transactions or Enter Batch Payroll Checks.

  • When entering a payroll check, in the Pay section you will see columns labeled OT Hours and DT Hours. You may need to use the horizontal scroll bar to move to the right. Show me.
    Enter Transactions OT/DT hour entry
  • Input the number of overtime and/or double time hours worked in the appropriate column.
  • If the employee worked in more than one location, use the ellipsis button next to the description of the pay item to open the Payroll Item Distributions dialog and enter the number of hours worked in each location. Show me.
    Payroll Item Distributions dialog
  • On the Rapid tab, you will see columns labeled OT Hours and DT Hours. Show me.
    Rapid tab entry
  • Enter the number of overtime and double time hours worked in each location (if multiple) for the employee
  • On the Detail tab, the input is identical to Enter Transactions, described above. Show me.
    Detail tab entry

Additional information

When setting up a pay item on Setup > Payroll Items, the Overtime multiplier defaults to 1.5 times the hourly rate. The Double time multiple defaults to 2.0 times the hourly rate. You can change these defaults at any time on Setup > Payroll Items.

Setup payroll items multipliers section

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