Importing payroll journal entries from myPay Solutions and other payroll providers

Alerts and notices

When you receive the payroll journal entry export file from myPay Solutions or another payroll service provider, use the following steps to complete the import into Accounting CS.

If you are importing detailed payroll journal entries, the bank account description in the source database must exactly match the corresponding Accounting CS bank account description.

  1. Save the export file to a convenient folder location on your computer.
  2. In Accounting CS, choose File > Import > Client Data.
  3. In the Import Client Data Wizard, select the appropriate client for the import.
  4. Specify General as the source.
  5. Enter or browse to the file location of the export file.
  6. Once you've specified the location, the file to import should be visible in the File Name field.
  7. Click Finish.

Note: The file to import will be named Trans.<CLIENTNAME> - <CLIENTID> - PR<MMDDYY>.xml.  

 For myPay, the name of the file is represented as:

  • <CLIENTNAME> The name of client in Service Bureau Payroll
  • <CLIENTID> Their ID of the client in Service Bureau Payroll
  • PR<MMDDYY> The payroll period end date specified in the export date range

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Internal notes

To learn the name of the myPay bank account, open the Trans.<CLIENTNAME> - <CLIENTID> - PR<MMDDYY>.xml file in Notepad. The Bank account name will be listed on approximately the sixteenth line down. 

Change the bank account name in ACS > Setup > Client and import the payroll journal or change the bank account in myPay and have myPay create new payroll journal file for their client.