Working with PPC's SMART Practice Aids documents

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You have the ability to link a Workpapers CS engagement binder to an engagement in PPC's SMART Practice Aids. The information below assumes that you have already completed the initial engagement linking.

Viewing and opening documents

After you have added SMART Practice Aids to the Workpapers CS engagement binder, you will see the SMART documents with the SMART icon in the Workpapers Dashboard.

To view a document, click on it in the Engagement Binders Tree portlet. If the Workpaper Preview portlet is displayed on the same view, the SMART document preview will display.

To open a document, double-click on it, or right-click and choose Open. The document will open in the PPC's SMART Practice Aids application.

Sending changes back to Workpapers CS

After you have worked with a document in PPC's SMART Practice Aids, it will be flagged automatically. To send the changes back to Workpapers CS, choose Tools > Generate SMART Docs in SMART Practice Aids.

Note: You'll also need to press the Refresh button on the Engagement Binders Tree portlet to see the changes reflected immediately in the Workpaper Preview portlet.

Deleting documents

Right-click the document and choose Delete.

Deleting a SMART Practice Aid document from the Recycle Bin in the Accounting CS Workpapers engagement binder will cause the document to become unlinked. When you Generate SMART Docs, the deleted document will have a status of "Failed: Workpapers CS is no longer linked to this engagement". Follow these steps to regenerate the deleted SMART document in PPC SMART Practice Aids and link it to the Workpapers CS binder again.

  1. From the Create SMART Docs screeen in SMART Practice Aids, mark the Create Checkpoint Tools Practice Aids (not recommended) checkbox, and click the Create button.
  2. When the document is created in Checkpoint Tools, you can insert the document into the Accounting CS Workpapers as an external document via the Add Workpaper wizard.

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Internal only

Seeing updated SMART docs in the Workpaper Preview portlet doesn't always work. See ADO 645194 for details.

The failed message for deleted documents is not likely to be fixed soon. See ADO 1093947 for details.