Workpapers CS: Troubleshooting Source Document Processing

Alerts and notices

Workpapers CS offers Source Document Processing on the Workpapers Dashboard for 1040 tax engagements.

If there is a problem transmitting the documents in the Source Document Processing folder to the Thomson Reuters optical character recognition (OCR) servers, you will be prompted that there was an error during transmit / retrieve.

SDP transmission error dialog

The document will then display a status of "Error, try again."

An error transmitting a document or set of documents can occur for the following reasons.

Internal notes

Support: Some of the transmission errors do not give you a secondary message saying what the problem is. To enable the error logging for Source Document Processing, use these steps:

  1. Close Workpapers CS / Accounting CS.
  2. Create a text file called "csi.debug" in the following location - C:\Program Files (x86)\Creative Solutions\Workpapers CS or Accounting CS.
  3. Open the new text file and type "EnableGenericLog=true".
  4. Restart Workpapers and try to retransmit the file.
  5. Any errors that happen are added to the regular log.txt file found at C:\Users\[[username]]\AppData\Local\Creative Solutions\Accounting CS or Workpapers CS. Note that the AppData folder is hidden, so you may need to display hidden folders first.