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This topic compiles important information related to your software, such as the status of known issues, recently corrected problems, and answers to common questions.

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Reported Date Service Category Reported Version Status Modified Date Fixed Version Synopsis
01/24/22 Platform Printing 2021.4.2 Fixed 01/24/22 Fixed Error when printing to GoFileRoom: There was a problem printing to GoFileRoom.

We are aware of an issue when attempting to print documents to GoFileRoom using the direct integration via the Output to GoFileRoom checkbox in the Print dialog.

01/21/22 Payroll Electronic Filing N/A Notice 01/21/22 N/A Arizona and Illinois Payroll Tax Form Acknowledgement Delays

Thomson Reuters is aware of payroll tax form acknowledgement delays for Illinois and Arizona. We are working with the affected states to deliver acknowledgements as quickly as possible. Please be patient as these delays are expected to continue into next week.

01/19/22 Accounting Tax Exports 2021.4.2 Notice 01/19/22 NOTICE Accounting CS/Workpapers tax exports to Lacerte, ProSystem fx, and ProSeries for the 2021 tax year

Tax exports to Lacerte, ProSystem fx, and ProSeries for the 2021 tax year are scheduled to be available within the Accounting CS/Workpapers CS 2021.4.2 release. This release is tentatively scheduled for Monday, January 24, 2022.

01/19/22 All NetFirm CS n/a Notice 01/19/22 Notice NetFirm CS\NetClient CS portal Delays

Due to high volumes of information being pushed to NetFirm CS\NetClient CS portals, significant delays are expected at this time. Please avoid re-sending\re-pushing anything to the portals as this will further increase delays in the information being processed.

This can affect all items that are sent to the portals. For example, File Exchange, Document Presentation, Remote Payroll Entry, Employee Self-Service, Tax Returns, etc.

01/18/22 Payroll State Tax Forms 2021.4.1 Open 01/18/22 TBD Error Creating Missouri W-2 Copy 1

When attempting to create the Missouri W-2 Copy 1 internet file for one client when multiple are being processed, the following error occurs:

"The form and file formats have been updated. Please remove the existing file and reprocess."

In the meantime, to create the Missouri W-2 Copy 1 internet file for one client, remove other clients prior to creating the file.

This will be addressed on a future release which is to be determined.

01/12/22 Payroll Employee Setup 2021.4.1 Pending Fix 01/13/22 Pending Release 2021.4.2 JFS 20127 is showing state abreviation "OH" instead of FIPS code "39" in the Internet/Magnetic File

The internet file for Ohio Forms JFS 20127 and JFS 20128 are being rejected by the state due to having incorrect transmitter information.

This is tentatively planned for the 2021.4.2 release, subject to change.

01/12/22 Payroll Employee Setup 2021.4.1 Open 01/12/22 1/17/2022 Error when going to setup > employees for WorkforceHUB client

This is an Accounting CS / WorkforceHUB integration issue that will be addressed when the next update for WorkforceHUB is released on Monday, January 17th.

Workaround: Please avoid importing new hire employees from WorkforceHUB into ACS until Monday, January 17, 2022. If you need to get a new hire employee setup to process a payroll that is due prior to 1/17/2022, please create the employee manually in ACS to process the payroll.

01/10/22 Payroll 1099 2021.4.0 Notice 01/10/22 NOTICE Federal (Copy A) 1099-NEC Paper Format

For the tax filing year of 2021, the IRS has changed the official Copy A Form 1099-NEC to be printed 3 to one page (3-up). Filing by paper with the IRS on any other paper format may cause rejections or penalties.

01/18/22 Platform CS Connect 2021.4.2 Notice 01/18/22 2021.4.2 Accounting CS Release v.2021.4.2

Accounting CS v.2021.4.2 is tentatively scheduled for release on Monday, January, 24, 2022.

This update will include updated tax exports for Lacerte, ProSystem fx, & ProSeries for the 2021 tax year. The Tax Code Worksheet and Tax Code Listing have been updated for 2021. It will also include additional compliance updates in time for the deadline.

01/06/22 Payroll State Tax Forms 2021.4.0 Fixed 01/13/22 2021.4.1 Kentucky KY UI-3 form page one does not display

There is an issue that caused page 1 of the Kentucky KY UI-3 form to not display.

This is tentatively scheduled to be addressed on the 2021.4.1 release.

01/04/22 Accounting Tax Codes 2021.4.1 Notice 01/04/22 NOTICE Tax Codes for integration with the 2021 versions of UltraTax CS and GoSystem Tax RS

Tax Codes are scheduled to be available for integration with the 2021 versions of UltraTax CS and GoSystem Tax RS within the Accounting CS/Workpapers CS 2021.4.1 release. This release is tentatively scheduled for January 10, 2022.

01/03/22 Payroll Payroll Taxes 2021.4.0 Pending Fix 01/03/22 Pending Release 2021.4.2 New York FLI is calculating incorrectly if an employee has previous taxable wages, works in NY state (outside of NYC), and lives in NYC.

An issue has been discovered where New York FLI calculates incorrectly for certain employees with a New York City resident address that work outside New York City.

WORKAROUND: When entering the payroll check, override the tax calculation with the proper value.

This will be addressed on a future release.

01/03/22 Payroll Payroll Taxes 2021.4.0 Open 01/03/22 2021.4.1 Payroll Tax Calc: Massachusetts FLI not calculating as expected

An issue has been discovered where Massachusetts and Washington FLI calculate incorrectly when both the employer portion is exempt and the employer pays the employee’s share of the tax.

WORKAROUND: When entering the payroll check, override the tax calculation with the proper value.

This will be addressed on a future release.

12/27/21 Payroll Tax Forms 2021.4.0 Open 12/27/21 2021.4.1 1099-NEC Copy A truncating payee or recipient TIN

Beginning with v. 2021.4.0 (available on December 20, 2021), we have identified that TINs are being truncated which is not correct by the IRS regulations. This is tentatively scheduled to be fixed with release version 2021.4.1 which will release on January 10, 2022

12/22/21 Payroll WA LTI 2021.4.0 Notice 12/22/21 NOTICE Washington Long-Term Care Insurance (LTI) - HAS BEEN DELAYED

Washington State Governor, Jay Inslee, together with Senate Majority Leader Andy Billig and House Speaker Laurie Jinkins, have announced the delay of the Washington Cares Fund premium assessment that was scheduled to begin January 1, 2022. To read their official statement, click here.

The announcement strongly encourages employers to not collect premiums from employees while they pass new legislation. Employers will not be subject to penalties and interest for not withholding fees from employees’ wages during this transition. For more information, visit

To turn off the Washington LTI tax calculation, mark the Wage Exempt checkbox for Washington LTI in the Taxes section on the Payroll Taxes tab of the Setup > Clients screen. For more information, see Washington FlI and LTI calculations.

12/17/21 Payroll State Tax Forms 2021.4.0 Notice 12/17/21 NOTICE North Carolina Form NC-3 Electronic File

The North Carolina Department of Revenue has updated the electronic file format for Form NC-3 to only accept a Transmitter Contact email address of 30 characters or less. With the v.2021.4.0 application update, Accounting CS will prevent the transmission of the electronic file if the email address is more than 30 characters.

To check the length of the Transmitter Contact email address, see Transmission Information


12/08/21 Payroll Tax Forms 2021.4.0 Notice 12/08/21 NOTICE 2021 W-2, 1099, 94x, 1094-C, and 1095-C Form Updates

2021 Federal Forms 940/943/944/945 and State Annual Forms

The 2021 Forms 940/943/944 and 945, as well as several 2021 state annual forms, will be available in an application update that is tentatively scheduled to be released on December 20, 2021.

Note: For tax year 2021, Virgin Islands is the only applicable credit reduction state that is reportable on Form 940 Schedule A.

2021 Form 94x e-filing

The IRS has indicated that Form 94x e-filing will be open for production in early January, 2022. Using Accounting CS v.2021.4.0, you will be able to process and transmit 94x returns. The returns will be held until e-filing is open for production with the IRS.

2021 Form 1099 Internet Files

The internet files for the various 2021 federal 1099 forms, as well as the state versions of the files for several states, will be available in an application update that is tentatively scheduled to be released on December 20, 2021.

2021 Federal Forms 1094-C and 1095-C

The 2021 federal Forms 1094-C (Transmittal of Employer-Provided Health Insurance Offer and Coverage Information Returns) and 1095-C (Employer-Provided Health Insurance Offer and Coverage) will be available in an application updated that is tentatively scheduled on December 20, 2021.

2021 Forms W-2 Copy A and W-3 Facsimile Copies

The 2021 Forms W-2 Copy A and W-3 facsimile copies will be available in an application update that is tentatively scheduled to be released on December 20, 2021

12/17/21 Workpapers Source Document Processing UltraTax CS 2021.2.0 Notice 12/17/21 NOTICE Source Document Processing available in UltraTax CS Release 2021.2.0 for Source Data Entry

The ability to transfer processed documents from Workpapers CS to UltraTax CS is available with the UltraTax CS Release 2021.2.0 for Source Data Entry.

12/07/21 Payroll Employee Retention Credit 2021.3.2 Notice 12/07/21 NOTICE IRS GUIDANCE ISSUED - Employee Retention Credit for Fourth Quarter 2021

On November 5, 2021, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act of 2021, which President Biden signed into law on November 15, 2021. As part of the act, the Employee Retention Credit which was previously set to expire on January 1, 2022 has been retroactively terminated as of October 1, 2021. The newly-enacted termination date excludes eligible employers that are a recovery startup business.

For IRS guidance on how to handle previously claimed employee retention credits taken in the fourth the quarter, see Notice 2021-65.

For the most up-to-date information on all COVID-19 changes made to Accounting CS, please see Accounting CS Coronavirus response – updates and resources.


11/29/21 General Integration 2021.3.2 Open 12/20/21 TBD (Data Utility) / 2021.4.0 (Direct Method) QuickBooks Desktop 2022 Import/Export Error: QuickBooks found an error when parsing the provided XML text stream

Beginning with v. 2021.4.0 (available on December 20, 2021), we have added the ability to import data from (and export data to) QuickBooks Pro 2022 using the direct method via the QBW file.

Note: At this time, the CS QuickBooks Data Utility v.15.1 is still not supported with QuickBooks Pro 2022. We will release a new version of the CS QuickBooks Data Utility when it is available.

11/05/21 NetFirm CS NetFirm CS N/A Notice 11/05/21 NOTICE Multi-Factor Authentication Setup

Here are the resources for setting up Multi-Factor Authentication in our Multi-Factor Authentication Overview. If you are having further issues please go to Contact Us with description of your issue and we can assist.

11/01/21 NetFirm CS NetFirm CS N/A Notice 11/01/21 NOTICE Error logging into NetClient/NetStaff/Virtual Office/SaaS

If you are receiving the message: “Sorry, there was an error on our end. Please try again.” please close your CS Professional Suite applications and navigate to to login. After you successfully login to netlinksolution, then you can open your CS Professional Suite application to login. If you do not successfully login to netlinksolution and receive the error above, then please attempt to Clear Cache, cookies and try again.

10/15/21 MFA MFA N/A Notice 10/15/21 NOTICE Multi-Factor Authentication and Apple iOS Devices

Thomson Reuters Authenticator App v.3.0.3 has been released to the Apple App Store. If you don't already have this version, navigate to the App Store on your device, search for TR Authenticator and install the update. This version restores the ability to click the green checkmark, along with being able to pair new setups of Multi-Factor Authentication.

10/18/21 Payroll ACH 2021.3.2 Notice 10/18/21 NOTICE Pennsylvania - City of Philadelphia ACH Credit payment update

The City of Philadelphia has updated their ACH Credit file specifications, effective October 28, 2021, for tax withholding payments. Accordingly, we plan to update Accounting CS to have the new file format in the v.2021.3.2 release, tentatively scheduled for October 28, 2021.

We have confirmed with the agency that any ACH Credit payments submitted in the prior format will still be accepted on or after October 28. However, they encourage everyone to update as soon as possible as there likely will be a delay in processing files that are not in the latest format.

08/17/21 Payroll Tax Forms 2021.2.2 Open 08/17/21 TBD Creditor garnishment not honoring limits

Illinois creditor garnishment calculations may be incorrect in some instances where the garnishment is to be limited by the employee's disposable income exceeding 45 times the state minimum wage.

WORKAROUND: When entering the payroll check, override the garnishment deduction calculation with the proper value.

This will be addressed on a future release.

05/12/21 Payroll Payroll 2021.1.1 Open 05/12/21 TBD Error message "Column 'ARPAGroupDistributionKey' does not belong to table" comes up when firm tries to enter hours in Enter Batch Payroll Checks Screen

An error occurs when trying to save a payroll batch in the Actions > Enter Batch Payroll Checks screen that has hours entered on the Rapid tab for a ARPA special type pay item.


1. While in the Enter Batch Payroll Checks screen, go to Edit > Options.

2. Choose the desired payroll schedule, and mark Display all pay items in the Rapid Tab Grid Column Setup section. Click OK to save this change.

3. Proceed with entering your batch payroll.

WORKAROUND #2: Enter hours for ARPA special type pay items on the Detail tab.

05/05/21 Payroll Tax Forms 2020.4.1 Open 05/05/21 TBD Calculate Net to Gross Income is Excluding all Other Payroll Items from Withholding Calculations

Using the Calculate Net to Gross function may cause incorrect tax and net pay calculations if multiple pay items are being used.

Development is investigating this issue.

02/15/21 Payroll 1099 2020.4.2 Open 02/15/21 TBD California 1099 Internet File Types being submitted to SWIFT

Upon uploading 1099s to the California Franchise Tax Board system, the following message is received:

Upload action is forbidden. Cannot upload /ToFTB/CATAXNEC


  1. Create the California 1099 files as normal in the Actions > Process Internet/Magnetic Files screen.
  2. Within that screen click the File Location link.
  3. Browse to the path where the file was generated (for tax year 2020 files, the location will be 12-31-20/CA/Batch File X (where X is the batch file number used for the creation of the files).
  4. Rename the 1099 files to have ".txt" at the end. For example, rename file "CATAXNEC" to be "CATAXNEC.txt".
  5. Upload to the California Franchise Tax Board system.
01/29/21 Payroll 1099 2020.4.2 Open 01/29/21 TBD New Jersey 1099 files need to be accompanied by the NJ W-3

The filing of 1099s for the State of New Jersey also requires a NJ-W-3 filed to accompany the 1099s.


Log into the State of New Jersey Payroll Taxes and Wage Withholding: Filing, Payment, and Reporting Service website here.

Enter NJ-W-3 information for 1099s.

Development is looking into this scenario.

01/27/21 Payroll State Tax Forms 2020.4.0 Open 01/27/21 TBD Incorrect or missing Payer State EIN when processing 1099 files via the internet filing method

When processing 1099 files through Edit Payroll Tax Forms or Process Payroll Tax Forms for the Internet filing method, there is an error that reads: "Unable to add the file for [client ID]. The following are either missing or incorrect: Payer State EIN.".

This occurs when a state is missing a Withholding ID from the Setup > Clients > Payroll Taxes screen. If all States Withholding IDs have been entered, try processing again, and check if the 1099 file is being created by opening the file path where the Internet/Magnetic files are stored.

The error may be generating falsely for vendor recipients that are not receiving any 1099s but have an address in a state where no State Withholding ID has been entered. If this situation occurs, clicking OK on the message will still allow the file to be created.

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