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Reported Date Service Category Reported Version Status Modified Date Fixed Version Synopsis
12/04/19 Platform CS Connect 2019.3.4 Notice 12/04/19 2019.3.4 Release of v. 2019.3.4 update of Accounting CS

The v. 2019.3.4 update of Accounting CS is tentatively scheduled for release via CS Connect on Monday, December 9th.   It will be installed to Virtual Office on the night of Sunday, December 8th.

12/3/19 Payroll State Tax Calc 2019.3.3 Fixed 12/02/19 2019.3.3 Multi state Additional withholding not calculating

New Jersey and PA state withholding will not calculate additional withholding when setup for "Resident- Allow Credit".








Important! End of support for Windows 7

In January 2020, Microsoft will end support for Windows 7. Because Thomson Reuters cannot support customers using our applications on unsupported operating systems, Accounting CS will no longer be supported on Windows 7 as of January 14, 2020. We strongly recommend that you upgrade your workstations to a supported operating system soon. For more information, see End of support for Windows 7 in our Help & How-To Center.

09/17/19 Payroll E-Filing N/A Notice 09/17/19 N/A Individual client PIN phaseout for Form 94x

We are phasing out the Form 94x individual client PIN filing method, starting with the v. 2019.2.0 release of Accounting CS.

We strongly recommend that you register as a reporting agent as soon as possible to avoid any delays in electronically filing your clients' 94x returns.

For now, you can still file as an electronic return originator (ERO) using individual client PINs for clients who already have a PIN assigned to them by the IRS. Be aware that the IRS may contact you about using this filing method. In a future release, we will remove this filing method entirely.

Note: As of the 2019.2.0 release of Accounting CS, you can no longer transmit 94x client PIN enrollment files in the Actions > Enroll 94X Client PIN screen. If you're using an older version of Accounting CS and transmit an enrollment file, CS Connect will reject the file.

12/02/19 Payroll State Tax Calc 2019.3.3 Verified 12/02/19 TBD Nebraska and Vermont state income taxes may not calculate

Nebraska and Vermont state income taxes may display on payroll checks but may not calculate any amounts.

11/22/19 Platform Log In 2019.3.2 Open 11/22/19 TBD An Error has Occurred on the Script on this Page

After signing into a CS Professional Suite program, an error may show stating:

An error has occurred in the script on this page.

Line: 4

Char: 40662

Error: Unable to get property 'data' of undefined or null reference

Code: 0

Do you want to continue running scripts on this page?

This script error is showing instead of the prompt "Your password is expiring. You have "X" days left before your password expires. Please update your password."

To correct this message, log into the relevant website, either or and log in. You will then be prompted with the password expiring message and can change your password.

Please see Expiring Password Information for more information.

11/18/19 Payroll Compliance State Tax Forms 2019.3.2 Fixed 12/02/19 2019.3.3 South Carolina Child Support Payments

South Carolina has just started accepting Child Support Garnishments via Direct Deposit. We will be allowing Direct Deposit from ACS shortly.

11/18/19 Payroll Compliance State Tax Forms 2019.3.2 Notice 11/18/19 NOTICE NOTICE: Year end tax forms Release

We will be releasing year end forms (940, W2, 1099, etc.) mid December. As no specific date has been given we are working diligently to get them released ASAP. Thank you!

11/18/19 Payroll Compliance State Tax Forms 2019.3.1 Verified 11/18/19 TBD Payroll Tax Forms: City of Paducah, KY address change

We are aware that the address to send the Paducah KY forms has changed. We are working to have this resolved shortly.

10/14/19 Payroll Reports 2019.3.1 Testing Fix 11/18/19 Pending Release WorkForceHub: Error when importing a new employee

When importing employees you will get error " There was a problem communicating with WorkforceHUB".

09/20/19 Payroll Compliance Electronic Filing 2019.2.2 Testing Fix 11/18/19 Pending Release Washington SUTA file is dropping leading zero from SSN numbers

When uploading the WA SUTA forms (5208 A/B) the leading zero is dropped from the Internet Files.

11/18/19 Payroll Reports 2019.2.2 Verified 11/18/19 TBD Process Direct Deposit: ACH File pulling in wrong client name for Immediate Origin Name (Header)

When the user goes to process the direct deposit, from two different clients with the same bank account, the ACH files "immediate origin name" Header is incorrect. It's showing the wrong client name.

10/30/19 Payroll W-4 N/A Notice 10/30/19 Notice 2020 W-4 Changes

Important! Please be aware that the 2020 Federal Withholding W-4 form will be different than past years. Accounting CS will be able to accommodate those differences in a future update that will be released before the end of 2019.

10/22/19 Payroll Tax Calculation 2019.3.2 Testing Fix 10/22/19 Pending Release Kansas employees are not having taxes withheld with Married, but withhold at a higher single rate filing status

Employees in Kansas are not seeing taxes calculate when they have the filing status of "Married, but withhold at a higher single rate". As a workaround, change the filing status to "Single".

07/09/18 Platform SQL Version 2018.2.0 Notice 07/09/18


Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 is ending

On July 9th, 2019 Microsoft discontinued extended support of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2.

For more details, see the Discontinued support for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 help article.

08/26/19 Payroll Tax Calculation 2019.2.2 Verified 08/26/19 TBD Colorado SIT may not calculate in certain situations

Colorado state withholding may not calculate when based on the employee's resident address.

07/10/19 Payroll Payroll Data Entry 2019.2.1 Testing Fix 08/26/19 Pending Release Pre-tax deduction warning dialog does not appear in certain cases

The dialog warning that pre-tax deductions exceed wages in a location/department doesn't pop up when the pre-tax deduction is setup without a special type and is marked exempt to ALL taxes. This can happen in Enter Transactions or Enter Batch Payroll.

05/03/19 Payroll State Tax Calculation 2019.1.2 Testing Fix 06/12/19 Pending Release Missouri SIT calculates different amounts depending on primary location

The Missouri state withholding tax calculation can give different results when the primary location is changed in some scenarios.

04/08/19 Payroll Compliance Setup 2019.1.0 Verified 04/08/19 TBD When adding an Employee, if you do not have access to the Personal tab it causes an error

When ever you try to add an Employee, and you do not have access to the Personal Tab it causes a crash with error:

ERROR: System.ArgumentException: The smartpart is not present in the workspace.

at Microsoft.Practices.CompositeUI.SmartParts.Workspace`2.ThrowIfSmartPartNotShownPreviously(TSmartPart smartPart)

at Microsoft.Practices.CompositeUI.SmartParts.Workspace`2.Activate(Object smartPart)

at Microsoft.Practices.CompositeUI.WinForms.TabWorkspace.Activate(Object smartPart)

at CS.Accounting.PresentationModel.EmployeeSetup.Personal.PersonalPresenter.OnSaving(Object sender, CancelEventArgs e)

Workaround: 1.Go to the Setup > Firm Information > Firm screen.

2.Click on the Preferences tab.

3.Make sure you do not have either of the following options marked:

◦Require Hire date

◦Require Birth date if active retirement plan deduction

If you still want to require the Hire date or the Birth date, then the only other workaround would be to give the Staff members rights to the Personal tab so they can enter in the required fields.

We are diligently working on this error.

03/25/19 Payroll Setup 2018.4.6 Verified 03/25/19 TBD Box 12 in Setup | Payroll items is not saving

In some situations, when double-clicking on a deduction item that has the Box 12 code checkbox selected, the screen will show that the box is not selected and no code is selected when both should have values.

02/22/19 Payroll Compliance 1099 2018.4.6 Verified 02/22/19 TBD 1099 changes are not being honored after previewing a 1099 form

In Edit Payroll Tax Forms, select more then one 1099, and make some overrides, then switch over to the client data tab. When you go back to the recipient tab the options you had marked previously will be gone. Also, when previewing they won't be displayed.

Workaround: Go back to the recipient data tab and unmark again and then it will display correctly on the Copy A tab

01/28/19 Payroll Compliance State Tax Forms 2018.4.4 Verified 01/28/19 TBD Louisiana L-3 Annual SIT form is not footing

On the LA L-3 form Page 1 shows four quarterly amounts which are correct but the total does not add up correctly

Workaround: Go into Actions | Edit Payroll Tax Forms and click the Employee Data tab, then override the values for each employee to match correctly to the total

01/09/19 Payroll Compliance 1099 2018.4.3 Verified 01/23/19 TBD "Not Responding" while processing 1099's

We have had reports of 1099's and W2's being slow to process inside Edit Payroll Tax Forms. We are researching this issue at this point.

01/10/19 Payroll Compliance 1099 2018.4.3 Verified 01/23/19 TBD Edit Payroll Tax Forms experiencing an error during 1099 data entry

When working with a 1099-MISC form in Edit Payroll Tax forms, if the date is deleted in the signature area of the Client Data tab, the program seems to freeze -- buttons can be selected on the navigation pane and the "Additional info" button can be pressed, but nothing will happen. You must go back in and enter the date, if you want to suppress the date you must use the additional info button to suppress the date.

Per dev notes:

Teeple, Jeremy (Tax)commented 2 hours ago

This is not locking the program. This is just requiring a date to be entered. You will see that the cursor stays in that field after you delete the date. If you click back in that field and enter a date it will let you click off the field. We will update on a future release to allow a blank field to be entered. The proper way to suppress the date is to mark the option in additional information. This way the user does not need to make this override every year.

TFS 1595381

12/21/18 Payroll Enter Batch Payroll 2018.4.0 Verified 01/02/19 TBD On Demand Payroll Checks: GL accounts assigned to inactive payroll checks are not being used in some situations

If you enter an On-Demand batch for an employee and select a pay item that has never been active on the employee, the program will not use the GL account that is assigned to that pay item the first time you enter an On-Demand batch. It works fine if you enter a second On-Demand batch, but the first time you enter one it uses the undistributed GL account.

12/07/18 Payroll Spreadsheet Import 2018.3.4 Testing Fix 01/02/19 Pending Release Handwritten Batch Payroll Checks: Unknown location or department error when importing spreadsheet in certain scenarios

When attempting to import a spreadsheet on the Actions > Enter Batch Handwritten Payroll Checks screen, an error may occur stating "Unknown Location or Department of pay Item ". It's happening to employees that have two locations where only 1 location has a department assigned.

Workaround: Assign a department to both locations or delete the second location if it is not needed.


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