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This topic compiles important information related to your software, such as the status of known issues, recently corrected problems, and answers to common questions.

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Reported Date Service Category Reported Version Status Modified Date Fixed Version Synopsis
11/28/22 CS Connect CS Connect N/A Notice 11/28/22 N/A CS Connect Maintenance

We will be performing scheduled system maintenance on CS Connect from Friday, December 2nd at 11:30pm EST to Sunday, December 4th at 11:59pm EST. During this timeframe, CS Connect will not be accessible for any program and will generate an error. This includes, but is not limited to electronic filing, application updates, license retrieval, and retrieving per-return pricing (PRP) codes. CS Connect will become available if maintenance is completed prior to the end of the scheduled window.

11/21/22 Payroll State Tax Forms 2022.3.2 Notice 11/21/22 NOTICE Pennsylvania Locals - Form W-2 Box PSD Code Changes

As a reminder in the Accounting CS v.2022.2.0 update, released on June 27, 2022, we have made changes to the PSD codes that are reported in Form W-2 Box 20 for clients that have Pennsylvania employees.

We recommend that you review your client's W-2 PSD Code selection in the Locals dialog on the Payroll Taxes tab of the Setup > Clients screen. For more information, see My Accounts.

11/21/22 Payroll State Tax Forms 2022.3.2 Notice 11/21/22 NOTICE Pennsylvania Department of Revenue Filing System Update

The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue has replaced the e-TIDES filing system with myPATH.

myPATH is the new online portal that has replaced many of the Department of Revenue’s online services. myPATH, which stands for ‘my Pennsylvania Tax Hub’, provides many self-service options such as registering a new tax account, accurately and securely filing returns, making payments, managing your accounts, and interacting with the department.

Starting November 30, 2022, all files that were previously uploaded to the e-TIDES system, will need to be submitted through the myPATH online portal system.

For more information, visit myPATH.

11/18/22 Platform File Exchange 2022.3.2 Open 11/18/22 N/A Unable to upload certain file types to File Exchange

We are aware of an issue where files with the extensions of .iif, .qbb, and .qbm cannot be uploaded to File Exchange. Our Development team is working on this as high priority.

11/18/22 Payroll State Tax Forms 2022.3.2 Notice 11/18/22 NOTICE Montana Form UI-5/UI-5G Filing Method Changes

We plan to remove the Internet filing method from Form UI-5/UI-5G on the Accounting CS v.2022.4.0 release, tentatively scheduled for December 19, 2022. After that release, only the Electronic and Web fill-in filing methods will be available on the form. If you previously had Internet selected as the filing method, we will automatically update it to Electronic.

11/17/22 Accounting Bank Feeds 2022.3.1 Open 11/17/22 TBD Bank Feeds causes an error when retrieving transactions

We are aware of an issue in Bank Feeds that causes an error to occur when attempting to retrieve transactions. We are working on a fix for this issue. For an immediate workaround, transactions will need to be entered another way, such as manual entry, spreadsheet import, or bank statement import.

11/07/22 Payroll Direct Deposit 2022.3.1 Notice 11/07/22 NOTICE Kotapay - ACH Reversal Files Changes

To help protect your company and your clients, effective November 17, Kotapay will no longer accept reversal ACH files. The Reversals/Adjustment Form must be submitted in place of the reversal ACH files. This will help eliminate any reversals sent in error from Accounting CS. To access the form, please log in to and go to Other Services > Online Reversals/Adjustments Form.

We plan to remove the ability to create a reversal ACH file for Kotapay direct deposit transactions in an application update, tentatively scheduled for November 17, 2022.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the Kotapay Returns Department at (800)378-3328 or

10/17/22 Platform CS Connect 2022.3.2 Notice 10/31/22 NOTICE Accounting CS Release v.2022.3.2

Accounting CS v.2022.3.2 is tentatively scheduled for release on Thursday, November 17, 2022.

This update will remove the ability to transmit reversal files to Kotapay from within Accounting CS at the request of Kotapay.

10/26/22 Platform Login N/A Fixed 11/8/22 N/A Locked Account - Too Many Login Attempts

Update: A fix was implemented to prevent the increase in false lock attempts from occurring. If you receive an account that is locked, you can contact Technical Support with the login IDs and they can manually remove the lock.

NetStaff CS Users: If you continue to experience false lock attempts when trying to login to NetStaff CS, then verify your NetStaff username is a unique login and different than your login for the CS Professional Suite website - My Accounts.

10/13/22 Platform CS Connect N/A Notice 10/18/22 NOTICE An error occurred while locating the CS Connect server. Try again later.

If you received the message an error occurred while locating the CS Connect server in your CS Professional Suite application, verify you are connected to the internet and then you will need to check for Windows updates and be sure to install the latest Windows security update that was released on October 17 to fix this. Please work with a qualified IT to install the latest Windows security update released on October 17.

09/27/22 Payroll Remote Payroll 2022.2.2 Open 09/27/22 NOTICE Remote Payroll Schedules stuck in status "Uploaded - Queued" and not going to the portal

We are aware that some firms are encountering issues where the Remote Payroll Schedules are becoming stuck in the status "Uploaded - Queued" and are not available in the NetClient portal for clients to enter hours.

Workaround: Please push client's payroll schedules one at a time while this issue persists.

If the payroll schedule status does not update after 5 minutes, please try uploading the schedule again, and note the date and time you upload it the 2nd time. If the schedule is still stuck on the same status, please contact Accounting CS support if you already tried pushing one client at a time and it is still a status of "Uploaded - Queued". We are investigating these issues further.

07/29/22 Payroll State Tax Forms 2022.2.1 Notice 07/29/22 NOTICE Update: Pennsylvania Local Philadelphia Quarterly Form and Electronic File

Effective for tax year 2022, the City of Philadelphia is requiring all employers to electronically file the new quarterly withholding reconciliation Form Philadel_Q.

In communications with the City of Philadelphia, the due dates for filing 2022 first quarter and second quarter returns have been extended (the due dates have not been released).

Payments should continue to be made according to the client's deposit frequency with the city to avoid incurring penalties and interest.

For more information, please contact the City of Philadelphia at

The Philadel_Q form is currently still pending approval.

04/11/22 Payroll State Tax Forms 2022.1.0 Open 04/11/22 TBD Kentucky Form K-1 does not pull in employees if they are exempt from KY SUI

Line 1 (Total number of employees) on Kentucky Form K-1 does not include employees that are exempt from KY SUI even though they have KY SIT wages in some cases.


Go to Actions > Edit Payroll Tax Forms. Select Reconciliation Form type > Choose the proper filing frequency and year, Refresh.

Choose KY Jurisdiction, Form K-1.

Update Line 1 in the bottom area of the form to be the proper value.

When you process the form, the updated/overridden value will be included in the Form K-1 electronic file.

12/22/21 Payroll WA LTI 2021.4.0 Notice 12/22/21 NOTICE Washington Long-Term Care Insurance (LTI) - HAS BEEN DELAYED

Washington State Governor, Jay Inslee, together with Senate Majority Leader Andy Billig and House Speaker Laurie Jinkins, have announced the delay of the Washington Cares Fund premium assessment that was scheduled to begin January 1, 2022. To read their official statement, click here.

The announcement strongly encourages employers to not collect premiums from employees while they pass new legislation. Employers will not be subject to penalties and interest for not withholding fees from employees’ wages during this transition. For more information, visit

To turn off the Washington LTI tax calculation, mark the Wage Exempt checkbox for Washington LTI in the Taxes section on the Payroll Taxes tab of the Setup > Clients screen. For more information, see Washington FlI and LTI calculations.

11/05/21 NetFirm CS NetFirm CS N/A Notice 11/05/21 NOTICE Multi-Factor Authentication Setup

For information on setting up Multi-Factor Authentication, please see Multi-Factor Authentication Overview. If you are having further issues, please go to the Contact support page for assistance.

05/12/21 Payroll Payroll 2021.1.1 Open 05/12/21 TBD Error message "Column 'ARPAGroupDistributionKey' does not belong to table" comes up when firm tries to enter hours in Enter Batch Payroll Checks Screen

An error occurs when trying to save a payroll batch in the Actions > Enter Batch Payroll Checks screen that has hours entered on the Rapid tab for a ARPA special type pay item.


1. While in the Enter Batch Payroll Checks screen, go to Edit > Options.

2. Choose the desired payroll schedule, and mark Display all pay items in the Rapid Tab Grid Column Setup section. Click OK to save this change.

3. Proceed with entering your batch payroll.

WORKAROUND #2: Enter hours for ARPA special type pay items on the Detail tab.

05/05/21 Payroll Tax Forms 2020.4.1 Open 05/05/21 TBD Calculate Net to Gross Income is Excluding all Other Payroll Items from Withholding Calculations

Using the Calculate Net to Gross function may cause incorrect tax and net pay calculations if multiple pay items are being used.

Development is investigating this issue.

01/27/21 Payroll State Tax Forms 2020.4.0 Notice 01/27/21 NOTICE Incorrect or missing Payer State EIN when processing 1099 files via the internet filing method

When processing 1099 files through Edit Payroll Tax Forms or Process Payroll Tax Forms for the Internet filing method, there is an error that reads: "Unable to add the file for [client ID]. The following are either missing or incorrect: Payer State EIN.".

This occurs when a state is missing a Withholding ID from the Setup > Clients > Payroll Taxes screen. If all States Withholding IDs have been entered, try processing again, and check if the 1099 file is being created by opening the file path where the Internet/Magnetic files are stored.

The error may be generating falsely for vendor recipients that are not receiving any 1099s but have an address in a state where no State Withholding ID has been entered. If this situation occurs, clicking OK on the message will still allow the file to be created.

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