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This topic compiles important information related to your software, such as the status of known issues, recently corrected problems, and answers to common questions.

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Reported Date Service Category Reported Version Status Modified Date Fixed Version Synopsis
01/17/19 Accounting Tax Export 2018.4.3 Verified 01/17/19 TBD Export Client Data to Lacerte - Lacerte gives Invalid File message

After a tax export, when attempting to import into Lacerte, an error of "Invalid import data" or "Invalid File Format" may occur

01/10/19 Payroll Impound 2018.4.3 Verified 01/17/19 TBD Impound: Tax agents that were previously not selected for funding will automatically be selected in some situations

If you have a client setup to do "Selected" funding for tax agents, some tax agents that were previously not selected will automatically get selected in some situations. This issue appears to only happen with state tax agents and it will happen when a new deposit schedule takes effect. This issue does not apply to federal or local tax agents.

01/10/19 Payroll State Tax Forms 2018.4.3 Verified 01/17/19 TBD Oregon STT-2 form may show incorrect total subject wages

The Oregon STT-2 form may show incorrect total subject wages

01/09/19 Payroll Tax Calculation 2018.4.3 Testing Fix 01/17/19 Pending Release California SIT may be incorrect for 2019 checks

The CA state withholding amounts may be incorrect for 2019 checks.

01/09/19 Payroll State Tax Forms 2018.4.3 Testing Fix 01/17/19 Pending Release Virginia VEC-FC-20 Signatory's name not pulling into part C Certification, only title

Part C, Certification, of the Virginia VEC-FC-20 form is not pulling in the Signatory's Name in the 'Print Signatory's Name and Title' filed. The title pulls in but not the name.

01/08/19 Payroll State Tax Forms 2018.4.3 Testing Fix 01/17/19 Pending Release Error previewing some Kentucky forms - Input string was not in a correct format

The issue appears to be with the K-5 form.


1. In Process Payroll Tax Forms, you can unmark the K-5 form when processing, OR mark that form alone, mark Clear Form overrides, and preview the form.

2. In Edit Payroll Tax Forms, avoid the K-5 form (unless you have cleared form overrides in the Process Payroll Tax Forms screen)

01/08/19 Payroll State Tax Forms 2018.4.2 Testing Fix 01/17/19 Pending Release Indiana UC5A does not recognize employees with special characters

Commas in an employee's first or last name fields could cause the employee to not be included in the upload to Indiana, even if the employees appear to be fine in the internet file.

01/04/19 Accounts Payable Chart of Accounts 2018.4.2 Verified 01/17/19 TBD Error after attempting to renumber a gl account to an existing number

An error may occur when editing a gl account number and trying to change it to an existing gl account number:


Deleted row information cannot be accessed through the row

01/04/19 Payroll Tax Calculation 2018.4.2 Verified 01/17/19 TBD Incorrect taxable wages generated when using calculate net to gross for tax exempt pay items

In some situations, the program is assigning taxabe wages and gross taxable wages to a pay item that is exempt from taxes. It does not calculate any tax amounts to withhold, but the taxable wages and gross taxable wages are still recorded as if the pay item was supossed to be subject to the taxes.

12/04/18 Accounting QuickBooks Import 2018.3.4 Verified 01/17/19 TBD QuickBooks import error: Could not find a postal code in the given address

An error may occur when importing from QuickBooks: Could not find a postal code in the given address.

Workaround: Use the CS QuickBooks data utility to import instead.

01/15/19 Accounting Spreadsheet Import 2018.4.3 Testing Fix 01/15/19 Pending Release Error importing spreadsheet with account sub-codes

When attempting to import a spreadsheet with account balances that include account sub-codes, an error will occur:


Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Our development team is aware of this issue and will be correcting this in a future update.


Avoid mapping the sub-code column during the import. This will allow for the rest of the spreadsheet data to be brought into Accounting CS. You can then apply the sub-codes to the accounts once they are in Accounting CS.

01/15/19 Payroll Compliance State Payroll Taxes 2018.4.3 Testing Addition 01/15/19 Pending Release Adding option to have a 6 digit Political Subdivision Codes (PSD) for Pennsylvania clients

Per instructions in Pennsylvania Act 18, we will be adding the option to have either a 2 or 6 digit code for the PSD entered for Pennsylvania clients. This number is entered in Setup > Clients > Payroll Taxes , by selecting the Local button. The code is reported on form W-2 in box 20.

Currently, Accounting CS only allows for the 2 digit code, which is also an option in the Act 18.

01/15/19 Payroll Compliance Payroll Taxes 2018.4.3 Verified 01/15/19 TBD Rejection message received when submitting 94x PIN Enrollment

The following message may come from the IRS on a 94x PIN Enrollment submission with a rejection:

"Data Mismatch: 'ReturnTypeCd' (specified in the Return Header) and the return version (specified by the 'returnVersion' attribute of the 'Return' element) of the return must match the return type and the version supported by the Modernized e-File system. (rule R0000-004-01)"

We are awaiting approval from the IRS on a newer version of the format. Once we have confirmation, we will update the format in Accounting CS.

01/15/19 Payroll Compliance Payroll Tax Forms 2018.4.3 Testing Fix 01/15/19 Pending Release Error when trying to edit some 1099 and 1095-C forms in Layout Designer

Some users have reported receiving the following error when attempting to edit some copies of the 1099 or 1095-C in Layout Designer:

Font 'OCR A Extended' cannot be found

Our development team is aware of this issue and will be correcting in a future update.

You can access the font file to provide to user from this location:


Email the file to the user and have them put the file in their Fonts folder on the workstation. Then have the user reboot the workstation.

TFS 1594468

01/08/19 Payroll City Tax Forms 2018.4.3 Verified 01/14/19 TBD Ohio Akron AW-3 Form: Incorrect rate calculation on Line 5

Line 5 of the Ohio Akron AW-3 form is calculating incorrectly at 2.25%. The correct rate is 2.5%.

01/07/19 Payroll State Income Tax 2018.4.3 Testing Fix 01/14/19 Pending Release Massachusetts income tax rate reduced to 5.05%

For 2019, the Massachusetts income tax rate was reduced to 5.05%.

01/03/19 Workpapers Onvio Documents 2018.4.2 Verified 01/14/19 TBD Error adding documents to Onvio Documents portlet if documents have been uploaded to client folder in Onvio Client Center

In the Onvio Client Center if you uploaded documents to a client’s folder when adding those documents using the Onvio Documents portlet in the Workpapers Dashboard you may receive the following error: There was a problem communicating with Onvio. Please try again.

Workaround: In the Onvio Client Center move all the documents out of the client’s folder. Delete that client folder. You will now be able to login to the Onvio Documents portlet in the Workpapers Dashboard and add the documents to your binder.

01/03/19 Platform Handwritten Checks 2018.4.2 Testing Fix 01/14/19 Pending Release Enter Transactions - Handwritten checks may not honor next check number if number has already been used

When entering handwritten checks the program may not honor the next check number in Bank Account setup if the check number has already been used.

01/07/19 Payroll State 1099 2018.4.2 Testing Fix 01/14/19 Pending Release State PA 1099-MISC Internet file not getting created for Box 1

For the state of Pennsylvania, the 1099-MISC internet file is not getting created if reporting an amount to Box 1.

01/03/19 Payroll State W-2 2018.4.2 Testing Fix 01/14/19 Pending Release Cannot create Wisconsin W-2 Copy 1 for electronic if have leading 0 for SSN or EIN

When processing the W-2 Copy 1 for Wisconsin as Electronic you may receive the following message:

Unable to add the file.

The following are missing or incorrect:

Employee SSN

Employer Agent ID

This may occur if the employee social security number or employer agent id start with a leading 0.

01/02/19 Payroll Print Checks 2018.4.2 Testing Fix 01/14/19 Pending Release Check Printing: Error when printing checks without a check number (but with a MICR line) on the check layout

When printing payroll checks you may receive the following error: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation

This may occur if the check layout contains the MICR Line variable without containing the Check Number variable.

Workarounds: 1) Remove the MICR Line variable on the check layout or 2) Insert the Check Number variable. If you do not want the Check Number variable to be shown either hide it or change the font color to white in the check layout.

01/04/19 Payroll Payroll Tax Forms 2018.4.2 Fixed 01/07/19 2018.4.3 Montana MW-3 form: Missing or incorrect payment date is entered

When processing the Montana MW-3 form you may receive an e-File Critical error of: Missing or incorrect payment date is entered

12/31/18 Payroll Local Taxes 2018.4.2 Testing Fix 01/14/19 Pending Release Reports may not display local taxes when employees are transferred

When transferring employees through File > Transfer Client Information, the local taxes may not transfer appropriately. Payroll checks may still calculate local taxes in the transferred employee and flow through to tax forms; however, reports (such as the Earnings Report) may not display the local taxes.

01/09/19 Payroll Data sharing 2018.4.2 Open 01/09/19 TBD W-2 Datasharing from Accounting CS to UltraTax CS

If you attempt all of the steps in the following datasharing article and the programs still will not data  share, please take a look at the last bullet point in the Internal Notes section: Sharing W-2 data with UltraTax

There is also a TFS WI: 1518046

11/27/18 Payroll Compliance Employee Setup 2018.3.2 Verified 01/10/19 TBD Switching Employee Type to Agricultural receives error

Users will receive an error when trying to switch their employee type to agricultural from standard with open liabilities present.

Error received is:


Unable to determine the payment schedule for the vendor.


Stack Trace:

at CS.Accounting.PresentationModel.EmployeeSetup.Main.EmployeeMainModel.UpdateVendorOpenLiabilities(DataSet readDataSet, DataSet writeDataSet, HolidayCalculator holidayCalculator)

at CS.Accounting.PresentationModel.EmployeeSetup.Main.EmployeeMainModel.ChangeEmployeeEarningsTypeOnChecks()

at CS.Accounting.PresentationModel.EmployeeSetup.Main.EmployeeMainPresenter. b__17_0(CommonDialogResult dialogResult, Delegate actionToContinue)

at CS.Accounting.UI.ViewObjects.View.WinDisplayPopupMessage(MessageBoxEventArgs messageBoxEventArgs, Func`6 showMessageBox)

at CS.Accounting.UI.ViewObjects.View.DisplayPopupMessage(MessageBoxEventArgs messageBoxEventArgs)

at CS.Accounting.PresentationModel.EmployeeSetup.Main.EmployeeMainPresenter.OnSaved(Object sender, SavedEventArgs e)

08/27/18 Workpapers Reports 2018.2.2 Testing Fix 01/10/19 Pending Release "Unknown Error has occurred" when opening folders in File Exchange View

When you try to open an folder in the WP dashboard you will receive an error of "unknown error has occurred", we are currently looking at getting this fixed and right now there is not a valid work around.

this will be fixed on 2018.4.4

TFS 1506952

01/03/19 Payroll Compliance State Tax Forms 2018.4.2 Testing Fix 01/09/19 Pending Release 1098 has incorrect variable for recipient/lender TIN box

Currently the 1098 copy B,C, and D is showing the incorrect variable for the recipient/lender TIN.

Workaround: Go to File | Layout Editor and find the copy of the 1098 you need. Then remove the TaxForm.1099Recipient.EIN and replace that variable with TaxForm.1099Client.EIN.

We are addressing this but do not have an ETA, so we will need to walk them through making the change.

TFS 1589864

01/07/19 Payroll Reports 2018.4.3 Testing Fix 01/09/19 Pending Release Error thrown when trying to accept W-4 changes from Employee Self Service or Time Rack

If you attempt to accept information from the W-4 screen in Employee Self Service or accepting information from Time Rack it will throw an error starting with:

"Object reference not set to an instance of an object"

Currently we are looking into the issue and will have it fixed shortly.

Looks like it is resolved and will be fixed in the next release

TFS 1592942

01/04/19 Payroll 1099 2018.4.2 Fixed 01/04/19 2018.4.3 Wisconsin 1099 Internet file state code is in the wrong position

Wisconsin 1099 Internet file has been updated. The state code should be in fields 683-684 and is not currently.

01/04/19 Payroll Tax Calculation 2018.4.2 Fixed 01/04/19 2018.4.3 Ohio local School District tax rates for 2019 have not been updated

Multiple Ohio local School District tax rates have been updated for 2019 and are not in the program yet.

Some of these are:

Norton CSD

St. Mary's CSD

Granville EVSD

Green LSD (8503)

Celina CSD

01/04/19 Payroll Tax Agent 2018.4.2 Fixed 01/04/19 2018.4.3 Colorado city of Aurora Occupational Tax return mailing address is incorrect

The new mailing address for Aurora Occupational Privilege Tax Return is: P O Box 913200, Denver, CO 80291-3200 and is not updated on the tax agent in the system.

01/04/19 Payroll Tax Calculation 2018.3.4 Verified 01/04/19 TBD Wisconsin resident state withholding is not calculating in a multi-state situation

If an employee lives in WI and works in a different state, for example MN, the Wisconsin resident tax is not calculating. This also impacts the W-2 not having the correct withholding and state taxable wages.

01/04/19 Payroll Employer Contribution 2018.3.4 Verified 01/04/19 TBD Employer Contribution with graduated table may not calculate correctly in some situations

Employer Contribution items setup with a graduated table and % of deduction as the type are not calculating correctly if the employee has multiple departments in certain situations. If amounts are entered in only one department the item calculates correctly. If you enter a different amount in a second department the employer match starts calculating at a higher percentage than the employee's percentage. If the amount is the same in both departments the calculation works correctly.

12/26/18 Payroll W-2 2018.4.1 Fixed 01/02/19 2018.4.3 W-2 Box 20: Incorrect Locality for New York Address

The locality name in box 20 may incorrectly display as "New York Tax Ohio".

12/26/18 Payroll Reports 2018.4.1 Testing Fix 01/08/19 Pending Release Error using Current Total Rate and/or Latest Total Rate variables on reports

An error may occur when viewing reports with either of the following variables:

- [Client.StateTaxInformation.Unemployment.CurrentTotalRate]

- [Client.StateTaxInformation.Unemployment.LatestTotalRate]

Inner Exception:


An item with the same key has already been added.

12/21/18 Payroll Enter Batch Payroll 2018.4.0 Verified 01/02/19 TBD On Demand Payroll Checks: GL accounts assigned to inactive payroll checks are not being used in some situations

If you enter an On-Demand batch for an employee and select a pay item that has never been active on the employee, the program will not use the GL account that is assigned to that pay item the first time you enter an On-Demand batch. It works fine if you enter a second On-Demand batch, but the first time you enter one it uses the undistributed GL account.

12/19/18 Payroll W-2 2018.3.4 Testing Fix 01/02/19 Pending Release Error when selecting to view W-2s for clients with Benton Harbor city tax

ERROR: System.ArgumentException: Michigan city name missing from approved abbreviation list: Benton Harbor City Tax Michigan

12/11/18 Payroll Garnishment 2018.3.4 Fixed 01/02/19 2018.4.3 Nevada creditor garnishments should protect against 50 times the federal minimum wage rate

If the creditor garnishment case has NV selected as the state, Accounting CS should use 50 times the federal minimum wage rather than 30 times.

12/07/18 Payroll Spreadsheet Import 2018.3.4 Verified 01/02/19 TBD Handwritten Batch Payroll Checks: Unknown location or department error when importing spreadsheet in certain scenarios

When attempting to import a spreadsheet on the Actions > Enter Batch Handwritten Payroll Checks screen, an error may occur stating "Unknown Location or Department of pay Item ". It's happening to employees that have two locations where only 1 location has a department assigned.

Workaround: Assign a department to both locations or delete the second location if it is not needed.

12/31/18 Payroll Compliance Tax Forms 2018.4.2 Fixed 12/31/18 2018.4.3 Clients with 1099s not appearing on Process Payroll Tax Forms screen in some instances

In some instances, clients will not appear on the Process Payroll Tax Forms screen when selecting to process 1099s. This occurs when amounts are entered for 1099 recipients only on the Actions > Edit Payroll Tax Forms screen, with no check entered in Actions > Enter Transactions. The client only appears when a check is entered for a 1099 recipient for that 1099 type. We are working to resolve this issue.

Other processing options:

1. 1099 forms can be processed on a client by client basis from the Actions > Edit Payroll Tax Forms screen. You can find processing option while on that screen by going to File > Process Client Forms.

2. The option can be selected in Setup > Firm Information > Firm, on the Preferences tab, to "Display all available clients for 1099 form processing". This is in the Payroll Tax Forms section.

3. Clients will appear on the Actions > Process Payroll Tax Forms screen if a check for at least one of the 1099 recipients for that type of 1099 has been entered. Once a check is entered, the client will appear on the Process Payroll Tax Form screen and you are able to process all other 1099 recipients for that type.

12/04/18 Payroll Direct Deposit 2018.3.4 Verified 12/31/18 TBD Direct deposit allocations could change on vendor checks imported from spreadsheet

Check Printing: Vendor checks imported from a spreadsheet update/refresh direct deposit allocations when you print the check if the vendor's accounts are changed before printing.

12/13/18 Accounting QuickBooks 2018.3.4 Verified 12/31/18 TBD System.ArgumentException: Unrecognized description error when importing from QuickBooks Online

A "System.ArgumentException: Unrecognized description: Vehicle" error could occur when attempting to import from QuickBooks Online into Accounting CS. As a workaround, look for account codes in QuickBooks with a subtype of "Vehicle". Temporarily change the subtype to something else on all of them (including inactive accounts) and the import should complete without error.

12/26/18 Payroll State Tax Forms 2018.4.1 Fixed 12/31/18 2018.4.3 North Carolina NC-3 Line 17 shows a zero amount

Line 17 of the W-2 Transmittal for NC (NC-3) shows a 0 amount even though the rest of the form is correct.

11/29/18 Accounting Installation 2018.3.4 Notice 12/13/18


Microsoft Visual C++ fails to install

When updating Accounting CS or Workpapers CS, you may see an error that stops the update process and says that Microsoft Visual C++ failed to install. To resolve, please have your IT professional try the following options below:

  1. Close Accounting CS or Workpapers CS.
  2. Download the file vcredist_x86.exe from this link.
  3. Navigate to the WINCSI folder.
  4. Go to the following file path:

    For Accounting CS: \\WINCSI \Accounting CS\Desktop\MSI\VC2013\.

    For Workpapers CS: \\WINCSI\Workpapers CS\Desktop\MSI\VC2013\.

  5. Replace the vcredist_x86.exe file located in that folder with the file from the link above.
  6. Apply the update to version 2018.3.4 again.

If the above does not work, try these next steps.

  1. Close Accounting CS or Workpapers CS.
  2. Go to the workstation Control Panel, select Programs and Features.
  3. Uninstall ALL Visual C++ items that are 2013 and 2015 versions.
  4. Reinstall Visual C++ from Microsoft's website.
  5. Apply the update to version 2018.3.4 again.
12/03/18 Accounting Bank Reconciliation 2018.3.4 Verified 12/03/18 TBD The Bank Reconciliation checkbox column order does not stay where you drag it after leaving the screen and returning

In the bank rec, the column order for the Checkbox column does not persist after leaving the screen and coming back. That column isn't available in the Edit > Options dialog, so the only way to change the column order is by dragging and dropping.


12/10/18 Platform CS Connect 2018.4.4 Notice 12/21/18 2018.4.4 Release of v. 2018.4.4 update of Accounting CS

The v. 2018.4.4 update of Accounting CS is tentatively scheduled for release on Tuesday, January 22nd.  It is scheduled to be installed in Virtual Office the evening of Monday, January 21st. 

10/31/18 Platform Platform Notice Notice 10/31/18 N/A Certificate error on a Thomson Reuters site

Thomson Reuters' certificate vendor has changed. As a result, you may receive a certificate error on a Thomson Reuters site. To clear the error and view our sites, work with your IT professional to complete the following steps:

  1. Apply any outstanding Windows updates to the machine(s) experiencing the issue.
  2. If your firm restricts automatic root certificate updates, add COMODO RSA Certificate Authority to your trusted root.

As a workaround, you can click the option in your browser to continue to the site after receiving the certificate error. The wording and location of this option varies depending on the browser.

10/29/18 Payroll Impound 2018.3.1 Testing Fix 1/17/19 Pending Release Display/Refresh issue when Tax agents or Payroll agents are set to Selected on the Client Impound tab

In Setup > Clients on the Impound tab if you choose Selected for Tax agents or Payroll agents and choose some agents within the ellipsis when you Save the client, the selection will change to All. However, if you edit the client it will properly switch back to Selected as this is a display/refresh issue only.

10/18/18 Payroll Tax Calculation 2018.3.1 Verified 10/19/18 TBD Possible incorrect CO OPT calculation

In some situations, an incorrect Colorado OPT tax amount could calculate when entering a check in Enter Batch Payroll set to an annual pay frequency.

10/12/18 Payroll State Tax Forms 2018.3.0 Verified 10/19/18 TBD NV MBT General Business taxable wages aren't being considered on the TXR-020 when in multiple locations

Nevada MBT General Business taxable wages aren't being considered on the payroll tax form TXR-020 when the employee is in multiple locations.

10/18/18 Workpapers Excel 2018.3.0 Notice 10/18/18


*FYI* - Opening Excel workpapers will produce a threat detected message when using Windows Defender Antivirus

When using Windows Defender Antivirus and launching Excel Workpapers a message is displayed that it is being recognized as a possible threat.

Please follow our Antivirus guidelines to add in exceptions for Workpapers CS to resolve this:

Antivirus guidelines for CS Professional Suite applications

10/16/18 Payroll Payroll Schedules 2018.3.0 Verified 10/16/18 TBD Payroll Schedules: Marking the option to 'Adjust check date for non-business days' may cause an error

On the Setup / Clients / Payroll Information tab if you setup a Payroll Schedule with the option marked to ‘Adjust check date for non-business days’ you may receive an error referencing, 'The result is out of the supported range for this calendar.’ 

Workaround: Setup up the payroll schedule, but do NOT mark the checkbox option to 'Adjust the check date for non-business days.' Create the schedule, save the changes, and then edit the schedule to mark the checkbox. Then edit one of the dates, click the Update button, change the date back to the original date, and then click Update again. 

10/03/18 Payroll XactPay 2018.3.0 Notice 10/05/18


XactPay workers' compensation files

If your firm partners with the Hartford to process XactPay workers' compensation files, you must update your version of Accounting CS to 2018.3.0 or higher to continue processing XactPay files after January 1, 2019.

10/04/18 Accounting Import 2018.3.0 Testing Fix 10/04/18 Pending Release Chart of Accounts spreadsheet import does not properly assign multiple custom tax codes

When importing a Chart of Accounts using the spreadsheet import feature in Accounting CS, clients that have multiple custom tax codes and sub-codes may have the incorrect codes assign to them after the import.

09/26/18 Accounting State Tax Forms 2018.2.3 Notice 09/27/18


W-4 changes from the IRS will be delayed until 2020

The W-4 redesign was announced for 2019 however, per the IRS this has been delayed until 2020

08/27/18 Payroll Billing 2018.2.1 Verified 09/27/18 TBD Scheduled Billing days offset not working

The system creates the fee on the day of the payroll and then dates it X days later. It should create the fee x days before the payroll and have it dated the same as the payroll.

09/05/18 Workpapers File Exchange 2018.2.2 Testing Fix 09/10/18 Pending Release Opening a folder in Workpapers Dashboard causing an error

When trying to open a folder in the Workpapers dashboard you receive the error "unknown error has occurred", this is because it is attempting to use the File Exchange View. We are currently working on this.

09/04/18 Payroll Payroll 2018.2.2 Verified 09/10/18 TBD Enter Batch Payroll is not reflecting Prenote changes

When you start a batch in the "Enter Batch Payroll" screen with one employee in "Waiting" status for Direct Deposit, and you update the status in the Process Direct Deposit > Prenote Screen, it does not update or refresh the employees status when returning to Enter Batch Payroll.

08/10/18 Workpapers Add Workpapers 2018.2.1 Verified 08/14/18 TBD Adding workpaper from existing engagement binder with duplicate workpaper reference may cause an error

Adding a workpaper from an existing engagement binder in which the workpaper reference already exists in the current binder and choosing not to replace may cause the following error: An attempt was made to insert a new tree node with a duplicate item key.

Change the workpaper reference to something unique instead of adding the duplicate workpaper reference as a new workpaper.

07/09/18 Platform SQL Version 2018.2.0 Notice 07/09/18


Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 is ending

On July 9th, 2019 Microsoft will discontinue extended support of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2.

For more details, see the Discontinued support for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 help article.

06/26/18 Payroll State Tax Forms 2018.1.2 Verified 06/26/18 TBD Kentucky form Fayette Cou_220-221 is not including employer contributions on line 1 if the work location is outside of Fayette County

Kentucky form Fayette Cou_220-221 is not including employer contributions on line 1 if the work location is outside of Fayette County. Line 1 should include all gross pay whether in Fayette County or not.

Workaround: Override the form.

04/17/18 Payroll Payroll Tax Forms 2018.1.0 Verified 04/30/18 TBD Change of a business location address and taxes from the new address show up only on the Pennsylvania Keystone LST form

If you change a business location address the taxes from the new address will only show up on the Pennsylvania Keystone LST form.

Workaround: Change the business location back to its original address. Add a 2nd business location for the new address.

02/07/18 Payroll Tax Calculation 2017.4.2 Verified 02/07/18 TBD Ohio resident tax is calculating when marked as exempt

In situations where there is an Ohio resident tax with nexus marked for courtesy withholding and a payroll item marked as tax exempt for Ohio Cities tax the tax is still calculating.

04/18/17 Accounts Payable Accounts Payable 2017.1.0 Verified 04/18/17 TBD Accounts Payable Check Printing error

The following error may occur if using Automatic Application for Accounts Payable in certain situations:

Preprocessing: An error occurred when creating AP checks from pending payments.

03/01/17 Payroll Bank Reconciliation 2016.4.4 Testing Fix 03/07/17 Pending Release Error opening Reconciled Impound Bank Accounts

An error occurs if a staff member attempts to enter Reconcile Impound Bank Accounts but does not have access to the FIRM client.


Object reference not set to an instance of an object.


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