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This portlet is best displayed in its own view within the Home Dashboard and by default it is set up this way for new firms. If your firm is already using Accounting CS, you can set up the portlet to display separately in the Home Dashboard. See Working with portlets for details.

The Payroll Form and Filing Information portlet displays information dynamically and enables you to easily navigate between federal, state, and local tax information. In addition to providing status, availability, and filing methods for all supported payroll tax forms, this portlet also provides information regarding form due dates, form filing addresses, tax payments (for all tax types), agency contacts, and new hires.

Click a state on the filtering map of the United States to view a summary of form information for that state, including approval status.

Click the US flag to view information for all 94x, W-2s, 1099s, and corrected forms at the federal level.

You can view the detailed state or federal form information on the tabbed pages in the lower section of the portlet.

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payroll form and filing portlet

Fields & buttons

Click a state on the map of the United States to view information on all forms for that state, or click the US flag to view information on all federal forms. You can also use the drop-down list in the top-right corner of the portlet to select the entity to view form information.


  • For states that have local forms, a secondary drop-down list is displayed (For example, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and so forth).
  • A red exclamation mark appears next to the Federal / State / City fields in the top-right corner of the portlet to notify you of any alerts for the selected item. Click the exclamation mark to view and/or print the Alert Notifications.

The following tabs provide details for the selected forms.

Displays the form description, approval information, filing method, web fill-in availability, and form due date for each available form.

Note: Forms that are not available for preparation and filing via Accounting CS are not listed in the portlet.

Displays agency filing addresses for the selected form type.

Displays general information (including the name of the Tax Agent, and a link to a federal or state website for the specific form). Tax payment details and EFT payment information for the form are also provided.

Displays the name of the appropriate tax agent and provides a link to the federal or state website for specific form information. Other federal or state contact information and links to related websites are also listed.

Displays new hire reporting information such as, methods for reporting (Internet or Magnetic), reporting requirements, and a link to the state website that provides further details on new hire reporting.

Note: Click the print Print portlet form button button to print the form information on the selected tab.

Displays the Tax Information Resources section and the Other Payroll Resources section that consist of useful links to websites such as, the Internal Revenue Service, Social Security Administration, Checkpoint, and more. In addition, the Other Payroll Resources section includes links to websites to assist you in ordering Forms CS checks, envelopes, and tax forms.

Displays a monthly calendar for you to view all form due dates and tax deposit dates for the state, and/or local, or federal entity that is selected in the summary section (dynamic map area) of the Payroll Form and Filing Information portlet.

For further information, see Using the Tax Calendar.

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