Analyze Client Activity - Employee Earnings

Alerts and notices

The Employee Earnings view provides you with a snapshot view of employees' earnings for the current and prior year. The view includes pay item hours and amounts, deduction and withholding amounts, and gross and net pay amounts, totaled by quarter and by year. You can drill down into each quarter to view totals by month and by individual check.

From any client-specific screen, use one of the following methods to access the Employee Earnings view.

When you access this view from the Setup > Employees screen, it displays earnings information for the currently selected employee. When you access this view from any other client-specific screen, it displays earnings information for the first employee, sorted by employee ID, for the currently selected client.

Fields & buttons

Earnings information included

The view includes yearly, quarterly, monthly, and individual check details for the following items.

Note: If you have chosen to exclude certain pay item amounts from gross pay presentation (via the Payroll Items > Main tab), the amounts from those pay items will not be included in gross pay totals.

Drill-down feature

Click any of the quarter or month links (which display in blue text) to drill down and view the details from that period. You can then click on individual check numbers to view the source payroll check within the Actions > Enter Transactions screen.

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