Allocating tips

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You can use the Allocate Tips screen to calculate and allocate the tips that employees of large food or beverage establishment clients need to reach the required percent of the company's gross tipped sales.

  1. Choose Actions > Allocate Tips.
  2. Select the client in the Clients field in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  3. In the Year field, select the year for which to allocate tips for the client.
  4. In the Method section, choose whether to allocate tips based on the total amount of sales entered via payroll check entry for the employee during the selected year or based on the total number of hours worked by the employee during the selected year.
  5. In the Allocated tip information fields, enter or modify information as necessary. You can override the retrieved information in certain fields, which recalculates the information in the Calculation grid.

    Note: To display in the Calculation grid, employees must have at least one active pay item that uses the Reported Tips special type and have a payroll check entered for them that contains tipped wages with reported tips.

  6. When you have finished entering or modifying information in this screen and are ready to allocate tips for the selected year for the selected client, click the Allocate button.

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