Setting up a check layout for compliance with the NY Wage Theft Prevention Act

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The State of New York signed into law the Wage Theft Prevention Act, effective April 12, 2011, which requires detailed information to be included on pay stubs for pay rates, gross wages, deductions, and net wages.

By including appropriate variables on the check layouts that you select for New York clients and employees, you can have the application include all of the pay stub information required to comply with this law.

The names of most of the check layout variables provided with the application are sufficiently descriptive to help you choose appropriate variables to include on the stub portions of your payroll check layouts. In addition, to display certain required information, you may need to select the following payroll check layout variables:

  • Payroll.Check.PayItems.Calculation Type: You can use this variable to display the basis of pay (such as hourly, fixed amount, salary, etc.) that is specified for the employee's pay item (on the Setup > Employees > Payroll Items tab).
  • Payroll.Check.Frequency: You can use this variable to display the frequency of payment (such as Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly, etc.).

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