Getting started with EFTPS

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For payroll compliance (annually licensed)

What is EFTPS?

Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) offers you the convenience of making clients' federal tax payments electronically 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. EFTPS allows tax payments to move electronically from the taxpayer's bank account to the federal government's account. The taxpayer's records with the IRS are automatically updated for each such payment. To find further information and to learn about the benefits of using EFTPS, visit

How to participate in the Batch Filer program

To participate in the Batch Filer program, you will need to complete the following basic steps.

  1. Register as a filer. (See the Registration and enrollment details section).
  2. Obtain an authorization from each taxpayer for whom you will be submitting enrollments and making federal tax deposits.
  3. Enroll each of those taxpayers with the appropriate financial agent.

Those expecting to participate in the EFTPS Batch Filer program are strongly encouraged to read the Department of Treasury document entitled Batch Provider User's Manual, which can be downloaded from the EFTPS website at or which can be requested by calling EFTPS customer service.

Registration and enrollment details

  • The first step to getting started with EFTPS is to visit the website to download and install the batch provider software, which will then guide you through both the batch filer registration process and the taxpayer enrollment process. That software is also used when transmitting the enrollment and payment files.

    After registering, you will receive an EFTPS registration number and master inquiry PIN to use when making enrollments and payments using the Batch Filer software.

  • A Batch Filer who is not the actual taxpayer (which is typically the case) is considered to be a Reporting Agent. A Reporting Agent is an accounting service, bank, or other entity authorized to make federal tax deposit payments and submit information electronically for the taxes deposited and reported on Forms 940, 941/944, 945, and other returns on behalf of a taxpayer.
  • As the Batch Filer, you must receive the taxpayer's authorization using IRS Reporting Agent Authorization Form 8655 before submitting that taxpayer's enrollment to EFTPS. You are required to send Form 8655 to the IRS for every enrollment you submit. For copies of Form 8655, contact the IRS or request Form 8655 online at For legal representatives, Power of Attorney Form 2848 is required.

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