Previewing and processing payroll tax forms

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For payroll compliance (annually licensed)

  1. With the forms selected in the Actions > Process Payroll Tax Forms screen, click the Preview Selected button.
  2. Review the forms to make sure they display as you expected.
  3. Click the Process Selected button to process the forms.
  4. In the Print dialog, make your printing selections and then click OK.

Note: When you click OK, the following actions occur.

  • Electronic, internet, and magnetic filing methods: The application creates the selected electronic, internet, and magnetic files for the forms only when the Filing copy checkbox is marked.
  • Paper and preprinted filing methods and web fill-in method: if you have marked the Filing copy checkbox, the application outputs the filing copy of the forms.
  • All filing methods: If you mark the Client copy checkbox, the application outputs a paper client copy of the forms, regardless of the filing method that was selected.

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