Verifying firm payroll tax form and user preferences

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Before you process your forms, we suggest looking over the following preferences for your firm and making any changes if necessary.

Processing and printing preferences

You have the option to specify printing preferences and application behaviors during payroll tax processing. You can specify whether or not to print filing instructions, to duplex IRS instructions for W-2 forms, to separate internet/magnetic media files by staff, and to require that files must be previewed prior to form transmission or file creation. For details about each checkbox, see the Payroll Tax Forms section and the FileCabinet CS Options section of the Firm > Preferences tab.

  1. Choose Setup > Firm Information > Firm and click the Preferences tab.
  2. In the Payroll Tax Forms and FileCabinet CS Options sections, mark or clear the checkboxes based on your firm's preferences for processing and printing forms.
  3. Click Enter to save your changes.

User preferences

You can specify printing preferences for each form type.

  1. Choose Setup > User Preferences and click the Printers tab.
  2. Click the + sign to expand the W-2 or 1099 section of the grid.
  3. Specify the printer you want to use for each copy type.
  4. Mark the Separator Page checkbox to include a separator page between documents.

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