Displaying more than three Box 14 codes on a Form W-2 layout

Alerts and notices

Accounting CS provides space for up to three Box 14 codes and amounts on Form W-2 layouts. If an employee has more than three Box 14 items, the application will print a second W-2 form that includes the remaining codes, up to three codes per form.

To reduce the number of Form W-2 copies that print for those employees, you can modify the Form W-2 layout and add more code variables to Box 14.  To do this, follow these steps.

  1. Choose File > Layout Designer.
  2. Click the plus signs next to the W-2 Forms folder and then the desired year's folder. Double-click the layout that you want to modify. 

    Note: To find out which layouts correspond to which filing method and W-2 Copy, see the Payroll Year-End Processing FAQs bulletin, available in the Accounting CS User Bulletins topic in the Other current user bulletins section.

  3. In the Design Tools pane, click Variables.
  4. Choose Tax Form > W-2 > Box 14 Code 4 and drag the variable into Box 14 where you want it to display.
  5. Drag the Box 14 Amount 4 variable into Box 14 and position it where you want it to display. 

    Note: Variables are available for up to six codes. Any additional Box 14 codes after six will cause an additional copy of Form W-2 to print for the employee.

  6. Resize the variables or font, if needed.
  7. Choose File > Save when you have finished modifying the layout.

Note: New Jersey requires that SDI, UI/WF/SWF, and NJ DI Plan Provider Number codes be listed first in Box 14, followed by any additional codes. This means that for employees who worked in New Jersey, regular Box 14 items will print beginning with the Code 4 variable on W-2 layouts.