Sample time clock import file - ASCII

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For live payroll processing only

The following example shows two lines of an import file for an employee who works as a customer service representative in a fast food restaurant.


  • Employee ID. 1001 - John Smith
  • Department. 02 - Service Staff
  • Pay item 1. Wages - pay description number 10. (40 hours regular pay, 10 hours overtime this week)
  • Pay item 2. Shift Premium - pay description 41 (10 hours this week)

    Each payroll item must have its own line entered in the import file. Within each line you can combine the regular, overtime, and double-time hours for single payroll item.

Timeclock import file ascii ex

  • Tipped employees. If the employee is a tipped employee with a Reported Tips pay item, you can include the tips amount in position 47-54 on the same line as the tipped-wages hourly pay item.
  • Wage rate changes. Wage rate changes made using special character W (position 36) can be included on either the same line as the regular hours, or can be entered using a separate line. For salaried items, the 444444444 amount is annualized and entered as an annual salary. For hourly items, it is assumed to be an hourly rate.

    Note: If a rate change is included in the import file, the change will take effect on that check regardless of the location of the rate change line.

  • Deduction amount override. If you want to override the deduction amount normally calculated on a check, you must use a separate line for each deduction item.

Note: You cannot use ASCII/TCI format files to import accruable benefit hours. If you need to import accruable benefit hours, you will need to use an XML import file or use a spreadsheet import.

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