Time clock XML file example

Alerts and notices

For live payroll processing only

The following example shows a single record in an XML time clock import file.


Timeclock file xml ex

Note: Tips are payroll items, and are displayed in the file just like all the other payroll items. They do not require a separate Tips entry (as they do using the ASCII file format).

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Internal notes

Per ADO 858925, a difference in the time zone offset can prevent xml timesheet import.
Solution can possibly be changing the date and time stamp in the file. (changing -5:00 (Eastern time zone) to -6:00 (Central).
A reference table for zone offset: http://www.timetemperature.com/tzus/gmt_united_states.shtml

Zone offset definition.
What is a "zone offset"? A zone offset is the difference in hours and minutes between a particular time zone and UTC. In ISO 8601, the particular zone offset can be indicated in a date or time value. The zone offset can be Z for UTC or it can be a value "+" or "-" from UTC. For example, the value 08:00-08:00 represents 8:00 AM in a time zone 8 hours behind UTC, which is the equivalent of 16:00Z (8:00 plus eight hours). The value 08:00+08:00 represents the opposite increment, or midnight (08:00 minus eight hours)