Report Designer: Adding page numbers to documents

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User the following steps to add page numbers to a report, financial statement, or letter in the Report Designer.

  1. Choose File > Report Designer.
  2. Expand one of the Report folders from the Reports list and double-click a report to open it in the design grid.
  3. Select the cell in which you would like the page number to appear. (Typically the page number is inserted in either the Header or Footer region of the report.)
  4. Choose Insert > Variable and click the + sign next to the System variable in the Design Tools frame.
  5. Click the + sign next to the Report variable.
  6. Double-click the Page Number variable to insert it into the selected cell.

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    Page number

    Note: You can also drag and drop variables in the Design Tools frame into cells within the design grid.

  7. Choose File > Save.

Note: Page numbers can also be added or modified in the Setup > User Preferences dialog.

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