Report Designer: Importing and exporting reports

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You can use the Report Designer's import or export features to share reports with co-workers who have the application installed outside of the network in which you are working.

Exporting reports

  1. Choose File > Report Designer.
  2. Select the report to be exported from the Reports list frame. (The report does not need to be open in the grid.)
  3. Choose File > Export to open the Export dialog and browse to the location to save the file. You can modify the file name prior to saving the .REP file, as necessary.
  4. Click Save to save the export file.

Importing reports

  1. Choose File > Report Designer and then File > Import.
  2. Browse to the location of the report to be imported.
  3. Click Open to open the report in the designer grid.

Note:  The application does not enable you to import letters from Creative Solutions Accounting (CSA) or from Client Bookkeeping Solution (CBS).

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