Report Designer: Adding custom folders and reports

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Use the following procedures to add custom folders, custom reports, financial statements, and letters in the Reports List frame of the Report Designer.

Adding folders

  1. Click the Reports, Financial Statements, or Letters button at the bottom of the list frame to open the appropriate list.
  2. Right-click in a blank area of the list frame and choose New Folder.
  3. Enter a folder name in the Folder name field of up to 150 alphanumeric characters and click OK to save and create the folder in the tree view.
  4. Use the right-click context menu to perform the following tasks for a selected custom folder.

Adding reports, financial statements, and letters

  1. Right-click a custom folder in the list frame of the Report Designer.
  2. Choose New > Report to add a report, financial statement, or letter in the custom folder.

    The following commands are available from the right-click context menu in the Reports List frame for a selected custom report, financial statement, or letter. (To perform the tasks marked with an asterisk*, the report must be closed in the design grid.)

    • Open
    • Copy
    • Paste*
    • Delete*
    • Rename*
    • Restore Default

Note: You cannot add reports to a custom folder from another section. For example, you cannot add a financial statement into a custom folder that was created in the list pane for Reports or Letters.

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