Protecting PDFs with a password

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When it comes time to print reports, invoices, checks, form layouts, and check layouts, you can select to print to a PDF and apply a password that secures the PDF against viewing and/or modification.

  1. Click the Print or Print Selected button to open the Print dialog in the screen from which you want to print an item.
  2. Mark the Output to file checkbox and select Adobe Acrobat (*.pdf) from the drop-down list.
  3. Click the Password Protect button.
  4. In the Password Protect dialog select one or both of the following options to apply a password to the PDF.
    • Protect against viewing of PDF files. Mark this checkbox to enter a password that provides the recipient with read-only access to the PDF files created by this process.
    • Protect against modification of PDF files. Mark this checkbox to restrict write access of PDF files created by this process.
      • Do not allow modification by any recipient. Select this option to restrict write access by all recipients of the PDF files.
      • Allow modification only when password is known. Select this option to allow write access to the PDF files only for those who have password privileges. Enter the password in the appropriate fields.
  5. Click OK to close the Password Protect dialog.
  6. Click OK in the Print dialog to create the PDF for the selected item.

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