Employee Accruable Benefit Item Settings dialog

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For live payroll processing only

Use this dialog to view and override the available limits and usage limits set for the selected accruable benefit items for the employee.

Choose Setup > Employees, click the Accruable Benefits tab, and then click the Ellipsis Ellipsis button button in the Accruable Benefits grid in the row for the accruable benefit you want to modify.

The columns available in the Accrual Limits grid vary depending on the type of accruable benefit item you have selected. If the accruable benefit item is specified to use a graduated table, the Accrual Limits section will display a read-only view of the graduated table.

Fields & buttons

Accrual Limits

The fields available in the grid vary depending on the accruable benefit, but may include amounts for Available, Per Check, Per Month, and Annual limits.

Usage Limits

The fields available in the grid include amounts for Annual, Per Check, and Per Month limits.

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