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Use this dialog to enter your SwipeClock settings.

Choose Setup > Clients and click the Payroll Information tab. Mark the SwipeClock checkbox and then click the Ellipsis Ellipsis button button.

Enter information in the following fields.

  • Site ID. This is provided to you in the SwipeClock application.
  • File format name. In most case, we recommend that you enter csxml5 as the file format. If this format does not work for your client, you'll need to work with SwipeClock Support to have them provide a custom format for you.
  • Import time clock files only. Mark this checkbox if you want to only transfer time clock files from SwipeClock to Accounting CS. By default (checkbox cleared), the SwipeClock integration transfers employee setup information (including any changes to employee information) from Accounting CS to SwipeClock as well as transferring time clock files from SwipeClock to Accounting CS. 

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