Bank Account Reconciliation - Enter Adjustment Distributions dialog

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Use the Enter Adjustment Distributions dialog to distribute an adjustment amount to multiple GL accounts. This dialog is available from the following tabs only:

  • Bank Statement Import
  • Deposits & Additions
  • Checks & Payments
  • Direct Deposit
  • Account Summary

In addition, this dialog is available only when the selected transaction is marked to be cleared for an amount that is different from the full transaction amount.

Choose Actions > Reconcile Bank Accounts or Actions > Reconcile Impound Bank Accounts.

  • Bank Statement Import tab: In the Unmatched Statement Transactions grid, mark the checkbox in the Adjustment column for each transaction for which you want to create an adjustment, and then click the Ellipsis Ellipsis button button in the right-most column.
  • Deposits & Additions tab, Checks & Payments tab, or Direct Deposit tab: Choose Edit > Adjustment Distributions.
  • Account Summary tab: Click the Adjustment button. In the Reconciliation Adjustment dialog that opens, click the Ellipsis button associated with the appropriate account and amount in the grid.

Fields & buttons

Displays information from the transaction record, including the transaction reference, client name (for impound bank account reconciliation), original transaction total, and the adjusted transaction total. Note that you cannot modify the information in any of these fields.

Enter the distribution amounts and select the appropriate GL account for each distribution amount.

As you enter distribution amounts, the application subtracts them from the adjustment total and displays the remaining amount in the Amount remaining field.

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