Customer Beginning Balance dialog

Alerts and notices

Use the Beginning Balance dialog to enter the transactions that comprise the customer's beginning balance.

In the Setup > Customers > Accounts Receivable tab, click the Ellipsis button button in the Beginning Balance section.

Fields & buttons

Use the grid to record outstanding receivable transactions for this customer. Enter the reference number, date, PO number, AR account, and amount, as applicable. The application displays the total amount below the grid.


  • When you click OK, the application saves the beginning balance, but it does not actually create or delete the transactions until you save the customer record. If you enter a positive amount, the application creates an invoice that does not post to the GL; if you enter a negative amount, it creates a credit memo that does not post to the GL.
  • You can highlight a row and click the Delete button button to delete that row.
  • If a beginning balance transaction is voided in the Actions > Enter Invoices screen, the application updates the transaction in the Beginning Balance dialog and enters the word **VOID** in the Amount field for that transaction.
  • The application does not post historical (beginning balance) items to the general ledger. However, these items are available for AR reports.

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