Accruable Benefit Item Settings dialog

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Use the Accruable Benefit Item Settings dialog to specify different allowances, limits, and carryover maximums based on an employee's days, weeks, months, or years of service.

Choose Setup > Accruable Benefits. In the Accrual Information section, choose the Graduated option for Hourly allowance and then click the Table button.

Fields & buttons


  • Enter length of service in. Select the length of service on which to base the graduated table by choosing the Days, Weeks, Months, or Years option.
  • Accruable benefit item settings grid. Define the first tier of the graduated table. The From value defaults to zero (0), and thus begins at 0 days, weeks, months, or years. Enter the appropriate To value and then enter the allowance, available limit, annual limit, and carryover amount for this first tier. For more information, see the following articles.

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