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Use the Manage NetClient CS screen to view the status of information for remote payroll clients and to upload client and employee information to the portal.

Choose Actions > Manage NetClient CS.


  • Only one pay schedule at a time can be on the client's portal. If your client has two payroll schedules that use remote time entry, upload the first timesheet. When the client enters the time and completes the payroll, that timesheet must be imported back to into Accounting CS, at which time the next timesheet becomes available for upload.
  • If payroll items have been excluded from a payroll schedule, those items are not included on the timesheet in the Enter Time screen, nor will they be included in the checks that are created based on imported timesheet information.
  • Payroll item exclusions marked after a timesheet has been uploaded will not be applied to the timesheet in the Enter Time screen, nor on the checks that are created from that timesheet.

Fields & buttons

Client payroll information grid. The grid contains both client information and the payroll information for individual employees. The client information consists of client ID, name, the check date, pay schedule, any notes to client, and the current upload status.

Click the plus sign to expand the grid to include individual employee information. Employee information consists of the employee ID, name, and the upload status of the information. Click the plus sign next to the Employee ID column to view the location, department, and the upload status for each location and department.

The following is an explanation of the status messages.

  • Pending Upload. The timesheet is ready to upload. To upload, mark the checkbox next to the client and click the Upload button.
  • Uploaded - Queued. The timesheet has been uploaded, but has not yet been retrieved by the client's portal.
  • Uploaded - Unchanged. The timesheet has been retrieved by the client's portal and is available for the client to enter hours.
  • Uploaded - In Use. The client is currently entering information in the timesheet.
  • Uploaded - Changed. The client has entered some time, then saved the timesheet. The client has not yet clicked the Complete button to transmit the timesheet.
  • Pending Download. The client has clicked the Complete button to transmit the timesheet. The timesheet is ready to import via the Enter Batch Payroll Checks screen.

Refresh button. Click the refresh button to refresh the client information on the Remote Payroll tab, including the upload status.

Upload button. Click the Upload button to upload all checkmarked information to the portal. The status will display as Pending Upload until the client downloads the information from the portal, at which time the status will display as Downloaded.

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